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Tile Trends: Hexy with an Edge

By Pearl

Tile Trends: Hexy with an Edge

Image: Desire to Inspire

Hexagon tile--we just can’t get enough. Whether they’re miniature or super-sized, hexagons never fail to feel on-point and on-trend. Today, we’ve decided to spotlight the very best part of this timeless pattern-- edge. Rather than cutting it straight or topping it off with trim, here are 3 ways that let this shape really shine through.

1. Organic Inspiration

Image: Home Design, Etc.

Tile Shown: 4" Hexagons in Basalt

Hexagons may resonate with us because it echoes various forms that are present in nature (honeycombs, for example). A wall or floor with a undulating and exposed hexagon tile edge feels both organic and artful, making a design statement all its own.

Image: First Home

Tile Shown: 4" Hexagons in Clover

The hexagon peaks at the top of this tiled shower have an intriguing underwater effect. A yellow tile niche adds extra depth and a fresh pop of color.

Image: Websta

Less is more. These striking large format tiles don’t need to cover this entire kitchen to make for an impactful focal point.  

2. Palette Play

Image: Home Design, Etc.

Hexagon tiles are the perfect canvas for mixing colors. Nowadays, we’re seeing blends of matte neutral hues in the same color family, like the contemporary grayscale bathroom above. The exposed edge wainscoting accentuates the effect.

Image: Desire to Inspire

Tile Shown: 8" Hexagons in Pewter

Tile Shown: 8" Hexagons in Milky Way

Even just a few contrasting colors are just what an installation needs to go from elegant to eye-catching. This “tile rug” is all the more intriguing with its uneven edge. 

Image: Flickr

Glass Tile Shown: 4" Diamond Mosaic Sheet in Agave Matte 


Glass Tile Shown: 4" Diamond Mosaic Sheet in Jasmine Matte

Glass Tile Shown: 4" Diamond Mosaic Sheet in Hydrangea Matte

This Escher-inspired tile floor’s zigzagged edge stops just at base of the wall, offering an eye-catching alternative to trim. Mix bright colors with matte neutrals for a chic yet understated palette.

3. Blank Slate 

Image: Lunchbox Architect

At the end of the day, you can never go wrong with a fresh white palette. This bathroom also gives us a side of the exposed edge we don't get to see all to often.

Tile Shown: 6" Hexagons in White Gloss

Image: Design Trolls

If you want to give your backsplash full coverage, smaller hexagon tiles can add a subtle graphic punch. If you don't want it to be pure white, choose a white tile with high color variation.

Image: Remodelista

Fireclay Tile Blog: Picket: A Creative Subway Tile Alternative

While these Picket tiles aren't technically hexagons, their shape offers fresh new take on this ever-evolving but always eye-catching design.

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