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Tile School: Understanding Brick Trim

By Lindsey

Tile School: Understanding Brick Trim

We have your next Brick project covered—corners included. Keep reading to learn more about our Brick Trim options and what you should expect in your order when it comes to variation-- in both color and texture. 


Click to review our Brick Specification Sheet and Brick Installation Guide to see if Brick is the right material for your project.

Trimming your Glazed Thin Brick:
Like your Brick color samples, the edges of our Brick will not come finished in your order unless specified. The only trim option we currently offer for our Glazed Thin Brick is a glazed edge-- either on the long, 8" side of the Brick, or the short, 2.5" side:

Glazed Brick Trim

Brick Shown: Lewis Range with Short Side Edge Glaze (note how the long edge of the brick is left raw and unfinished)


Brick Shown: Lewis Range with Long Side Edge Glaze (note how the short edge of the brick is left raw and unfinished)

Long and short edge glaze will be sold by the Linear Foot and quantities should include overage (see here for more info on ordering brick overage). 

Brick Window Trim

Brick Shown: White Mountains with Short Side Edge Glaze window trim // Design & Image: The Fresh Exchange

We can also make "Flat Glazed Edge Corners" where the flat 2.5 x 8" brick is glazed on it's long AND short edge. Please make sure to specify if you need the right corner glazed or the left corner edge glaze. Orientation does matter!

Brick Glazed Flat Corner

Brick Shown: Glazed Edge Flat Corner in Lewis Range

Brick Corner Pieces:

Have an outside corner in your project? We can make 90" degree Brick corner pieces! These pieces work well if you're installing brick around a column or a return:


Brick Shown: A 90 Degree Corner Piece // Size Specs: 2.5" W x 8" L x 1/2" T with a 3-9/16" return

Brick at Clif Bar HQ

Brick Shown: Klamath Brick Flats and 90 Degree Corner Pieces for Clif Bar HQ

Notice the color variation between the outside corner pieces and the field Brick in the image above. We'll get more into that below! 

Both the Flat corners and 90 degree angle corners will be sold by the piece and quantities should include overage. 

Variation -- Color and Texture:
All of our Glazed Thin Bricks and Brick trims are made by hand in California and therefore may exhibit increased variation in hue, saturation, and texture due to our handmade manufacturing process.


Color Variation 
Color variation is usually something that people really want or really do NOT want. You cannot select for your order to have the highest or lowest range of variation. For us, color variation is something that is out of our control. 

For example, the brick below highlights our V4 (highest level of variation) glaze, Allegheny. While this order did happen to show the full range of color variation for this glaze, it is possible that your order may represent only the lightest or darkest shade of the color range. 

Verve Coffee Roasters

Brick Shown: Allegheny // Design: Young America Creative for Verve Coffee Roasters // Photo: Lauren Edith Andersen

If you're at all concerned about the color variation of a Brick color that you are considering, you can absolutely ask your Design Consultant or Commercial Rep to send you samples that can show the potential range. We want you to love your Brick!

Texture Variation-- Brick Flats vs Trim
Keep in mind that due to our manufacturing process, Brick trim can exhibit both color and texture variation from Brick flats. 

The corners and the flats are made a little differently during the extrusion process. Brick corner pieces will look and feel more textured from Brick flats -- this is totally normal: 


Left: Unglazed Brick Corner, Right: Unglazed Brick Flat

When the Brick corners have more texture than the Brick field, it affects the way the glaze looks. Here you can see Brick corner pieces along the edges, and Brick flats in the center of this mock install board: 


Color Variation -- Brick Flats vs Trim
When it comes to color, we try our best to get uniformity between the field Brick flats and the Brick corners but because Brick flats are glazed differently from Brick corners, variation is to be expected. Brick Flats are glazed laying flat through our glaze line, whereas Brick corners are glazed by hand and are fired either on their sides or with their corner pointing up. 


Some of our glazes are more fluid than others, so the color will flow downward depending on how they are placed in the kiln, making them less opaque. Some of our lighter glazes are quite translucent, so the variation from corner to flat can be more significant. 

Buy Brick, do good!
When you choose Brick, you do good. As part of Fireclay Tile's commitment to protecting and honoring our planet, we're donating 1% of all Brick sales to National Parks Conservation Association

Interested in using Brick for your next residential or commercial project? Order color samples online now. Need some help? Simply call, chat, or fill out our Design Assistance Form and one of our talented Design Consultants will get back to you shortly.

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