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Tile School: Small Batch Fees

By Kali |

Tile shown: Hawaiian Blue 3" hexagons

Making tile isn't easy--it's actually lot harder than it looks. All of our tiles are made to order and because we keep no stock, every order, no matter what its size, takes the same number of steps to complete. There are 14 touch points and twice that many people involved in making our tiles.

Tile shown: Basil 2x4 tiles fresh from glazing.

Certain parts of the production process require many steps between orders, for instance our glaze team has to clean out all equipment between each order. This includes washing all mixing equipment, screens, spray guns, and cleaning out spray nozzles to name a few. Imagine icing 30 different colored cakes everyday with only one mixer. Small orders impact our factory in a very similar way.

Orders under 25 square feet will be charged a $150 small batch fee. Sometimes, this fee is unavoidable, you just might not need that much tile (a small backsplash or a fireplace surround for example). Other times, a small batch fee is a result of an add-on order--which can be avoided. More on that here.

Tile Shown: Martinique and Mayan Blue 2x6 tiles make up this modern fireplace surround.

Due to of the additional man-hours small orders incur at the factory level and because we believe in transparency, we would rather add a small batch fee to those orders than increase our prices across the board to compensate. We love making our tile to order. It allows us to really be a part of each individual project. We can’t wait to help you with any project, from a fireplace surround to a larger scale commercial project, no project is too big or too small.

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