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Tile School: Interior vs Exterior Tile

By Kali

Tile School: Interior vs Exterior Tile

All of our materials can be used in interior spaces, but are you considering installing our tile as an exterior? An outdoor kitchen? An entry way? It is important to note which of our materials are suitable for the outdoors and which are not, as well as what part of the country the tile will be installed in (see the graphic below). Whether you reside in a warmer region or live in an area that experiences true winters, sealer is generally required for all materials, with the exception of our glass tiles. If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to ask us--we are happy to help you figure out which of our materials will work best for you and your project.



Brick: all climates, with sealer.
While our Brick is too porous for pools or fountains, it is suitable for most exterior uses with a sealer. If you live in or are installing in an area that is in the gray zone (see graphic), make sure to talk to us so that we can make sure you use the proper sealant.

Brick Shown: Snow Glazed Thin Brick frame the exterior and the interior of San Francisco's The Melt

Using glazed Brick to its fullest potential, David Baker Architects outfitted the exterior of this condo development with a blend featuring our Inkwell glaze:

Brick Shown: Custom color on the Exterior of 388 Fulton St. in San Francisco; Design: David Baker Architects 

Recycled Clay Body: all climates, with sealer.
If sealed, our Recycled Clay Body tiles are suitable for exterior use. Entryways, outdoor fireplaces, fountains and pools are popular uses for this material. Please let us know if you live in an area that reaches below freezing temperatures throughout the winter so we can make sure you have the right sealer. We will seal our tile before we send it to you, but it will likely require re-sealing.

Tile Shown: Custom Handpainted outdoor fireplace

Tile Shown: Classic Cuerda Seca Tiles are handpainted on our Recycled Clay Body and are a popular choice for pools

White Clay Body: not recommended for exterior use
Our White Clay Body tiles can be used in almost any interior space (both in a residential or commercial setting), with the exception of steam showers, but it is not suitable for exterior use. Even if you reside in a warmer climate, we do not recommend it.

Do you have more questions about which of our materials can be used in an exterior application? Simply call, chat, or fill out our Design Assistance Form and one of our talented Design Consultants will get back to you shortly.

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