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Tile School: How to Finish Your Backsplash With Trim

Posted by: Kali • Feb 15

Tile School: How to Finish Your Backsplash With Trim

Trim is often one of the most important features of your backsplash.  It is the finishing touch, and should always be considered when purchasing tile.  When you install a kitchen backsplash there is often an area where the tile meets the wall.  Because our tile is un-glazed on the edges, it is important to consider how this transition from tile to wall is going to look.  You can opt for a glazed edge, or you can choose to finish your backsplash with trim.

Types of Trim


A bullnose trim piece is rounded on the side providing an effortless transition between the tile and your wall.  A bullnose piece will be rounded on the long edge or the short edge.  We also offer a corner bullnose which is rounded on both sides for the corners of your backsplash.   Be sure to always specify which sides and or corners you need rounded for you backsplash.

Quarter Round:

A quarter round trim piece is used to turn a corner or to finish the edge of your backsplash.  


A flatliner piece is primarily decorative.  It can be used on the edges of your backsplash or as a decorative accent within the tile layout.

Trim Installation

Trim is Installed the same way as field tile, however measuring trim is done by the linear foot instead of the square foot.  To get this measurement simply add the length of each side of your backsplash and divide by 12, and don't forget to order 10% overage.

Be sure to check out our DIY video where our Design Consultant, Emily explains trim in detail.

Need some help choosing the right trim for your backsplash project?  Simply call, chat, or fill out our Design Assistance Form and one of our talented Design Consultants will get back to you shortly.

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