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Tile School: Hexite Hacks

By Lindsey

Tile School: Hexite Hacks

Tile Shown: Hexite in Dusty Blue // Design & Image: Urbanism Designs

Looking for a modern take on the traditional hexagon shape? Look no further than our Hexite! Whether it be for your floor, walls, backsplash, or fireplace, our Installation Specialist, Dan is back with his professional hacks to set up the perfect Hexite lay. 

Please Note: Fireclay Tile always encourages using a professional tile installer to ensure the longevity of your installation due the unique complexities and subtleties that can be involved. We recommend using the methods outlined in the Installation Handbook of the Tile Council of North America, TCNA. If you are confident in your DIY skills, we offer the following advice.

Six pieces of Hexite laid together create an oversized hexagonal look (almost 12" flat-to-flat when laid with a 3/16" grout space). Each piece of Hexite is around 7-3/32" x 6-1/16," but can vary by about 1/8" in either direction due to the handmade nature of our tiles. This size variation can make the Hexite a fun challenge to install. 

Tile Shown: Hexite in Moonstone

Fireclay recommends a 3/16" grout space with all of our handmade ceramic tile, including the Hexite shape. Depending on installation abilities and the tile variation unique to your order, different sized grout joints may be possible.

Installing your Hexites: 

I typically recommend starting your install by first completing a dry-lay on your counter or floor so you can get a sense of how everything will come together. Dry-laying your tile will help determine the level of variation within your order. Each batch is unique and can show variation in size, color, and/or sheen.

Below I am using 1/8" tile spacers on the outside of the hexagon pattern to set the foundation of the shape. The inside grout joints of the hexagon need to be a little smaller so I'm using tile wedges to space those interior grout joints. By doing this, the hexagons will become more uniform in your layout. In the end, the 1/8" spacers make the final grout joint around 3/16th of an inch when it's grouted because of the cushioned edge of the tile. 

The next photo shows spacers used where the four 90° corners of the Hexite meet:

The grout joints inside the hexagon will need to be spaced with tile wedges if stacking up the wall. When installing tile on a floor, you should be able to adjust the grout joints inside the hexagon by eye. 

Pro Tip: Don't install your Hexite's box by box. Instead, pull pieces from all of your boxes so you can disperse your order's variation throughout your entire install space. 

Now that you've got a sense of what you're working with, check out our Ceramic Install Guide to complete your project! 

Hexite Installs We Love:

This neutral Hexite backsplash keeps it edgy with raw, unfinished edges: 

Tile: Hexite in Calcite // Design: Urbanism Designs

Bright blue Hexites add character to any neutral space:

Tile: Hexite in Dusty Blue // Design & Image: Urbanism Designs

Tile: Hexite in Adriatic Sea

We think the Hexite looks great in a high variation glaze like Blue Spruce:

Tile: Hexite in Blue Spruce

Accentuate the Hexite's geometric shape with a contrasting color grout: 

Tile: Hexite in Daffodil // Design: Treehouse Austin

Pro Tip: Make sure you test your tile and grout before using a contrasting grout color. Additional grout release or tile sealers may be needed to help reduce the grout from staining the crazing that's inherent in ceramic tile. It is always a good idea to make a tile and grout mockup to see what your finished product will look like.

You can add visual interest to your space by going with a pop of pattern on the floor: 

Tile: Hexite in Iron Ore 

Pro Tip: Create additional shapes/pattern with your Hexite tiles by blending a few different colors together! 

Tile: Hexites in Basalt, Magnetite, and White Wash

Fireclay recommends blending colors that are all on the same clay body-- either Recycled Clay or White Clay. There can be additional size variation between the two clay bodies which is why we recommend sticking with just one. Don't worry, all of our ceramic glazes can come on the Hexite Shape. 

Tile:  Hexites in FlagstoneIron OreMagnetite and Tidewater // Design: Goldenrule Design and Emily Katz

The longer you look at the Hexite pattern, the more shapes you'll start to see! The possibilities are endless. 

Remember to have fun with your handmade Fireclay Tile!

Have questions about the Hexite? Simply call, chat or fill out our Design Assistance Form and one of our talented Design Consultants will get back to you shortly.

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