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Tile School: Did You Know That We Offer Free 3D Design Renderings?

By Kali

Tile School: Did You Know That We Offer Free 3D Design Renderings?


Image: A rendering done for Emily Henderson's master bathroom.

Are you working on your kitchen backsplash but having a hard time deciding between two of our tile colors? Or are you remodeling a bathroom and can't quite decide which floor tile is best for you? We want to remind you that we are here to help and that we also offer complimentary 3D design renderings for projects 75 SqFt or greater! An architectural rendering is a wonderful tool to help you better visualize your project so that you are 100% sure of your choice of tile.

Below are the 3 things your Design Consultant and our Rendering Artist, Denise, will need from you to get your rendering started:

1. Your Materials
Which of our materials (Brick, Tile or one of our Handpainted patterns), shape, size, color and pattern are you considering? Often times, our customers are debating between two concepts--so let us know which ones you'd like to see shown in your renderings. We offer up to three complimentary drawings per customer to ensure that you are able to receive a revision as well. Our design assistance is always complimentary--so ask us questions, we're happy to answer and give our opinion too!

Tile Shown: Emily Henderson's bathroom all started with a love of our Ogee drop...(Crater Lake Ogee Drops)


Image: Renderings created for Emily Henderson's Master Bath. At first she had wanted a few colors, but through renderings, choose to go with a single color.

These renderings helped Emily decide that a single color of our Ogee Drop would be best for her project: 


2. Square Footage
It is very helpful if you have the square footage of your project. This will help your Design Consultant give you an accurate quote for the tile you are interested in. You are encouraged to send us your architectural drawings, such as floor plans and elevations, so we can best determine what sort of space we are working with (photos are helpful too). If you are not sure of your measurements, we will just assume standard dimensions.

Note: it is always best to have square footage checked by your contractor or tile installer to make sure you are ordering the correct amount of tile!

3. Details
The more details and information you give us, the better and more accurate your rendering will be! Communicate to your Design Consultant about the other materials you are using (such as your counter tops, cabinets, etc.) and feel free to send us drawings, mood boards and other images that might help us better understand your space. It is also good for us to know if you will be needing trim pieces (more on trim here) so that we can factor that into the rendering as well.


Image: Here is an example of a rendering where trim needed to be considered (glazed edges along the top row).

If you think a rendering might help you, simply call, chat, or fill out our Design Assistance Form. Keep in mind that digital renderings are complimentary for projects 75 sq/ft and above.Already working with one of our talented Design Consultants? Let them know that you are interested and they will be happy to assist you!

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