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Tile School: Acid Sensitivity

Tile School: Acid Sensitivity


Today's tile school topic: acid sensitivity. It's not the most glamorous thing to discuss, but it is important! This issue of acid sensitivity and tile is applied to kitchen counter tiles (which is not as common these days) and to swimming pool tiles. 

In the kitchen:
Tile exposed to lemon juice, vinegar and alcohol can get etchings on the surface if not wiped up quickly. 


In a Swimming Pool or Water Feature: 
Swimming pool tiles often get calcium build up and acids are sometimes used for cleaning and also acid is poured into pools and can splash up on the waterline tile and make spots from etching from the acid.

The subject of acid sensitivity for tile was most often applied to kitchen counter tiles and swimming pool tiles.  Kitchen counter (who does these any more?) tiles are exposed to lemon juice, vinegar and alcohol which can etch the surface if not wiped up quickly.

If our tiles are exposed to a strong acid bath for 10 minutes every glaze we make will etch.  So not tile is acid proof.  However acid sensitive refers to a glaze that is easily etch from normal use.  All metallic glazes are acid sensitive and glazes which copper based stains like our venetian green are acid sensitive.  All of our other glazes are not.

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