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Tile & Glass: How to Layer on the Texture

Posted by: Kali • Aug 7

Tile & Glass: How to Layer on the Texture

We've talked about Glass vs Tile in the bathroom, but what about Glass AND Tile?  Together these two contrasting materials add an extra layer of depth, dimension and texture to your space that is both effortless and unique.  So go ahead, layer on the texture.

There are so many ways you can use Glass and Tile together–One of our favorites?  A mosaic Glass blend on the wall with a playful Tile pattern on the floor.  We love how the bathroom below lines the shower wall with a cool neutral blend of 2x6 Glass tile paired with our Ogee Drop shape on the floor.  The almost neutral color palette leaves room for experimentation with size, shape, and texture without feeling too overwhelming.

Glass colors shown: Queen Anne's Lace, Elm, and Hydrangea; Tile colors shown: Mint, Rainy Day, and Tusk

The bathroom below takes this look one step further by using a vibrant color scheme.  A cheerful Glass Hexagon Mosaic on the wall is complemented by our Tile Star & Cross pattern on the floor in one solid Turquoise hue and a tub lined in our 3x6 field Tile.  The use of one color on the floor helps counter balance the blend of color on the wall, for a colorful look that doesn't feel over done.

Glass colors shown: Forget Me Not, Icicle, Dusty Olive, Plankton, and Island Flower; Tile colors shown: White Gloss and Turquoise

Tile and Glass can also make an appearance together on the same surface.  For this look break up a wall of field Tile with a band of Glass tile.  Play with solids, or mix in a few different Glass hues.  You can also experiment with size.  For a more streamlined look choose a Glass band with a standard field size like 2x6, and for a more eclectic look try a Glass mosaic with rounds, or 1x1s.

Bathroom Design and Image: Tobi Fairley

We love the soft and soothing feel of the bathroom shower above.  To recreate this look in your space opt for a warm white paired with a minty green Glass hue.

Glass colors shown: Hydrangea, Icicle Matte and Prickly Pear

Tile color shown: White Gloss

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