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Tile Color Spotlight: Welcome Spring with Green

By Susanne Redfield

Tile Color Spotlight: Welcome Spring with Green

carla aston design, sea glass, clover, peabody tile

Image: Carla Aston; Tile colors shown: Sea Glass, Clover, and Peabody

It's that time of year again when light, bright, fresh spots of green start showing up everywhere outside, heralding spring. Whether on land or reflected in the sea, green is one of the most versatile, timeless, and invigorating colors—and a gorgeous choice for your home. One of the true benefits of going green is the ability to blend, mix, and create layers of color with different greens all in the same space. Green can go super sleek and sophisticated, traditional and charming, or rustic and earthy. The options are endless. To inspire you, we've rounded up a few of our favorite Fireclay Tile greens.

Green is a wonderful color for kitchens—vibrant yet cool, it evokes healthiness and tranquility at the same time. Inspiration for the right shade is everywhere; just look around.  The kitchen below blends greens from a soft olive hue to the lightest celadon.

olive green tile backsplash kitchen decor

Image: My Home Ideas

Ivory walls, dark stained wood, concrete, and deep green tile similar to Peabody create a contemporary, yet tranquil atmosphere in this uncluttered space.

ivory walls, peabody tile, dark kitchen countertop

Image: Kitchen Builder

peabody daerk green tile variations

Tile color shown: Peabody

In this effortless kitchen, a blend of green subway tile is paired with functional open shelving displays, and a contrasting bluish gray kitchen island.  The blend of colors make the space feel eclectic, while the modern style creates cohesion.

green kitchen subway tile variations

Image: Nickey Keheo

The perfect way to inject color, pattern, and texture into your culinary space, a beautiful green backsplash gives a kitchen personality.

light green kitchen wall tile design ideas

Image: Domaine Home

Natural wood stain on cabinetry is an intuitive choice when it comes to paring with green tile hues. The warm green backsplash, organic gray and creams on the floor, and statement light fixtures keeps the mood serene in this functional kitchen.

warm green square kitchen tile backsplash

Image: Dust Jacket Attic

To get the clean, fresh look below order our Glass penny round tile in refreshing Spearmint.

glass spearmint penny round tile bathroom backsplash

Image: Design Milk

spearmint glass light mint green tile

Glass color shown: Spearmint

We love the painterly, watercolor-like look of this bath’s mint green subway tile–The perfect backdrop for a modern crisp space.  To recreate this look try our Tile color Sea Glass in a 3 x 6 size.

3x6 sea glass shower subway tile, shower tile niche

Image: Interior Collective

sea glass tile, subway pattern variations

Tile color shown: Sea Glass

The kitchen below clearly demonstrates how different greens blend beautifully to create airy and refreshing surrounds, who wouldn't want to start spring off in this well designed, calming atmosphere?

modern contemporary mint green and white subway tile design

Image: Poppy Talk

Love this look?  Order free Tile samples now.  Need some help?  Simply call, chat, or fill out our Design Assistance Form and one of our talented Design Consultants will get back to you shortly.