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Tile Color Spotlight: Orange & Black Make a Comeback

By Pearl

This Saturday, all across the country, witches and warlocks will be roaming the streets for sweets and treats. In honor of the holiday, we’re going to highlight a color pair that doesn’t normally get a whole lot of play: orange and black.

Tile Color Shown: Tangerine

Tile Color Shown: Basalt

We know orange and black can have haunted house vibes. So to banish its bad rap, we’re here to show you where this tricky duo can be a not-so-scary pair.

The key to orange and black is proportions. If you want a subdued and playful look, just a splash of orange with touches of black is all you need. This kitchen backsplash’s orange decorative tile adds just the right amount of zest to this rustic kitchen.

A patterned tile brings a sunny atmosphere into this bathroom. Window panes framed with black help to anchor the space.

And if you’re going to go big, go really big. This statement-making kitchen looks anything but spooky. Tall white ceilings and walls help keep the space’s orange tile walls and black cabinetry look anything but spooky.

A contrasting white grout like the one in this playful orange and black bathroom can add a light graphic nuance.

A black brick wall with rich, burnt orange elements make for a dapper decor duo.

There’s an inherent whimsy to orange and black that comes out when you play with pattern. This striped stairwell offers an unexpected surprise for all who enter this home.

Orange and black can bring warmth and depth to midcentury-inspired spaces. Natural orange tones add lightness to this black brick fireplace.

This black tile bathroom and shower also feel modern and masculine, while earthy orange touches add an organic touch.

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