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Tile Color Spotlight: Navy & Gray, 5 Ways

By Pearl

Black and white, red, white, and blue, silver and gold--as well-known as some of these color pairings can be, they don't come close to navy and gray's effortless elegance. Navy's moody and mysterious allure paired with gray's cool and collected demeanor make for an intriguing yet timeless color combination that transcends all seasons and trends. Today, we'll show you 5 places you can dress your space with this timeless duo (and maybe find some navy and gray design inspiration along the way).

Tile Color Shown: Navy Blue

Tile Color Shown: Cyclone

1. The Bathroom

Image: Fireclay Tile Gallery

For the most part, blue bathroom tile seems like a no-brainer. Navy takes this popular bathroom hue and gives it a grown-up touch. A gray painted wall or wainscotting helps to lighten the mood. We love how blogger and trendsetter Jen Pinkston strikes an effortless balance here, opting for a statement-making hexagon floor in our Slate Blue glaze (see more pics of her master bath remodel here).

Tile Color Shown: Slate Blue

Tile Pattern Shown: Hexagon

Each and every one of these tiles was handpainted in Morocco (swoon). The painted gray freestanding tub adds a sense of calm.

Our handcrafted tile offers a made in the USA alternative while lending the same exotic allure.

Tile Pattern Shown: Ogee Drop Straight Set

Tile Color Shown: Foggy Morning

2. The Kitchen

You’ve likely heard that navy is the new neutral more than a couple of times, and we couldn’t agree more. Although we’ve grown accustomed to the typical white, cream, and beige you often find in kitchens, navy and gray can offer extra depth and dimension to your space without feeling overdone.

This reflective glass tile backsplash creates a calming mood, while its reflective surface offers a refreshing contrast to the cabinetry's rustic gray finish.

Glass Tile Color Shown: Blue Bonnet

A statement backsplash like this diamond pattern here can take gray from basic to beautiful. The kitchen's solid navy cabinets help to anchor the decor's many textures.Glass Tile Color Shown: CRT in Phosphor

3. The Living Room

The beauty of a navy and gray color palette is that it feels just right in any season, which is especially perfect for this time of year when the temperature drops and all you want to do is retreat indoors and curl up with a hot cup of coffee in front of a roaring fire (we can dream, right?).

Brick Color Shown: Glacier

Brick Color Shown: Abyss

4. The Mudroom

Let’s face it, folding laundry is not something many people forward to. But even the most mundane task can feel a touch more elevated and sophisticated when the space is treated with navy and gray.

5. The Patio

Although navy and gray might not be the first color palette that comes to mind when decorating your patio, we love the cozy yet exotic effect it has on an outdoor space (see our latest post on exterior tile). Jazz it up with a pop of salmon for a tropical flavor.

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