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Tile Color Spotlight: Chic Out with Chartreuse and Gray

By Pearl

Tile Color Spotlight: Chic Out with Chartreuse and Gray


Image: Vertabrae Architecture + Design

Chartreuse isn’t a color we come by too often, but when we do it has a way of catching our attention. On its own, chartreuse can pack quite a punch. So how do you decorate with chartreuse without going into sensory overload? By pairing it with a cool gray.


Tile Color Shown: Chartreuse


Tile Color Shown: Shale


Image: Belle Maison

Gray has a way of toning down this spunky hue without working against it. Together, they make a chic pair that fills a room with positive energy and spirit.


Image: Ann Porter

Chartreuse and gray work best as big swaths of color. In equal parts, it has an eclectic look. A gray with cool blue undertones can also give a room added depth.


Image: Live Creating Yourself

This kitchen’s chartreuse tile backsplash adds a pop personality to this sleek, concrete-gray kitchen.


Image: Vertebrae Architecture + Design

A testament to the design possibility of chartreuse and gray, Vertebrae Design + Architecture’s devoted an entire house to the pair. Splashes of chartreuse can be found throughout the home, while its exterior is painted in the sunny hue. Gray helps to keep the space feeling grounded.


Image: Decor Pad

Chartreuse and gray don’t have to be big patches of color. Play up the contrast with your favorite patterns for added texture. Love color? Consider introducing a warm color like pink or burnt orange for extra palette appeal.


Image: Roses and Rust

Geometric shapes like our Star and Cross pattern also offer a chic color contrast.


Image: Better Homes and Gardens

Mosaics are also a beautiful way to give this eye-catching pair a stylish shoutout. Blend chartreuse, yellows, and grays in varying shades to achieve maximum depth.


Image: CWB Architects

Smaller-sized tiles and a higher ratio of chartreuse can give a more uniformly modern look.


Image: Belle Maison

We leave you here with this showstopper of a bathroom, resplendent in all its chartreuse and gray glory. The best way to highlight this versatile color duo? We’ll leave that up to you.

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