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Tile Color Spotlight: Brighten Up Your Space With Yellow

By Susanne Redfield

From muted, soft yellows to brilliant, bold citrus hues, yellow is a joyful color that can bring vibrancy and warmth into a space. Currently, we're seeing an uptick in requests for these sunny yellow backsplashes and wall colors for kitchens. For a modern appeal, it's time for all of us to re-consider this new favorite luminous shade. Whether you prefer a subdued lemon, a warm radiant gold or an extreme primary, there are increasingly more options out there for touches of yellow in your home.

Wall space real estate can come at a real premium these days in our well planned homes. Get bold with your favorite hue and really make the color count. To get the look below try our bright yellow Daffodil. Installed using a vertical straight set pattern, this richly saturated yellow hue gives off a warm and sunny touch. A gloss finish and low variation offer a polished and even surface.

This fearless lemon-yellow tile backsplash accent makes a statement in this modern kitchen. Whether you are trying to keep it simple, or are on a tight budget, a few well placed tiles in a bold color can turn your space from ordinary to memorable in a heartbeat.

If you love yellow, it’s a fantastic choice for a kitchen. We associate yellow with joy and radiance, the color has a pick-me-up feel when balanced with more neutral materials like stainless steel and natural wood finishes. Below, the kitchen feels modern but mellow. To get the look of this soft yellow shaped tile try our Wave shape.

cream yellow paseo shape tile in tuolemne meadows

Tile pattern shown: Paseo in Tuolemne Meadows

If your bath doesn't get much natural light or could use some visual warmth, yellow is an ideal color choice. Use this dynamic color to sustain yourselves with an indoor burst of sunshine all year long.

The soft yellow tiles used here are just the ticket in this charming kitchen. Modern elements keep the design from feeling too traditional, and the natural wood finish imbues the space with organic appeal. Open shelves instead of wall cabinets and a counter to ceiling tile installation keep the space uncluttered and airy.

A cheerful pop of hand painted decorative tile gives this laundry room a cared for and considered look. Suddenly doing laundry is not such a chore! We'd say that is money well spent. This homeowner took advantage of our custom coloring capabilities and created her own version of our Handpainted pattern, Kabuki Sphere from our Moroccan Collection in our Daffodil and Limon glazes.

kabuki sphere moroccan kitchen conter and backsplash tile design in yellow daffodil limon color glazes

Image: Marty Crosley Photography; Design: Test Person

This Spanish Style Revival kitchen exudes the very essence of warm, welcoming old-world homes with the golden field tile and elaborate Classic Cuerda Seca Handpainted tiles arranged as a focal point behind the stove. To get the look shop our Classic Cuerda Seca Collection.

The bright yellow wall tiles in this open commercial kitchen add a positive energy as well as magnificent color to this trendy but hardworking space.

commercial restaurant yellow kitchen subway tile backsplash design

Image: Patricia Chang Photography

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