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Tile Color Spotlight: Add Texture and Sophistication with Queen Anne's Lace

By Susanne Redfield

Image: A Merry Mishap; Glass color shown: Queen Anne's Lace Matte

There are possibly more shades of white than stars in the sky, but sometimes just the absence of pigment creates the softest, most sophisticated velvety atmosphere. Our Queen Anne's Lace glass tile is remarkably textured, and has just the kind of vague, semi-opaque look that evokes composed, classic elegance.

Tranquil white kitchens are everywhere you look these days. It’s easy to see why–White makes a space serene and enhances other design elements. Wood floors look regal against white, a chandelier pendant adds texture and romance, open beamed ceilings create an airy feel and bring more volume to the interior. Adding a handmade glass tile like Queen Anne's Lace to the mix introduces a luxurious, luminescent quality.

The kitchen below is streamlined and modern without feeling cold. The mosaic-like small subway tile adds a sparkling finish, while the layered textures of glass, tile, chrome, and wood present a gleaming clean surface that is pleasing and inviting.

The pillowy effect of Queen Anne's Lace, matte or gloss, ramps up the plush factor for a truly well crafted look in any installation.

Glass color shown: Queen Anne's Lace

Dark floors and exposed beams add contrast, allowing each of the elements in this otherwise all white kitchen to pop.

The monochromatic look and textural backsplash below allows for the range of neutral hues to create a compelling surface that is subtle yet captivating.

Queen Anne's Lace can be ordered in a wide range of shapes and sizes. Unique contours and proportions add a welcome distinctive feel to your special project.

Glass sizes available

While trends in bathroom materials, finishes and details may change, a white subway tiled bathroom is a classic. White subway tile is elegant, clean, simple and beautiful. Here, using two different sized glass tiles similar to Queen Anne's Lace the design showcases considered architectural intentions and thoughtful detail.

The quality and diversity of materials infuse the kitchen below with warmth and polish, from the wood cabinets and marble counters to the glass mosaic backsplash. Interesting shapes are added with the sculptural bar stool and trend setting dishware. Get a similar look with Queen Anne's Lace in our 1 x 2 Glass Mosaic.

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