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Color Spotlights

Tile Color Spotlight: Add Cool Sophistication with Flagstone

By Susanne Redfield |

flagstone blue-grey hue tile inspiration, traditional cottage kitchen

Image: Popsugar; Tile Color Shown: Flagstone

If the trend setters are right, 2015 is becoming the year where we are all ready to embrace a little color. Sure, white is still a go to for many, but for those of us ready to wade into the world of color, the blue-gray tone of Flagstone is a great place to start. Close to playing the role of a neutral, this blue-gray hue, so subtle in its shade, is a great first step to using color to create a 'feel' that influences the mood of your space. The natural blue/green tint suggests lakes, ocean, life on the shore, influenced and enhanced by light and sky.

Flagstone is one of our chameleon like colors, gently influenced by the surrounding colors, it can read, gray, blue, green, making it a terrific partner for all types of stone and marble.

flagstone tile pairing with marble countertops

Image: Cote Maison

Try pairing it with a cool white to light gray shade to give your bathroom a decidedly coastal feel.

cool light gray shade blue shower design elements

Image: LeBlog

For added interest and texture on a wall, order our 8" Hexagon in Flagstone. This is a great color to showcase brass fixtures and accents.

flagstone tile color in hexagon shape

Tile Shape Shown: 8" Hexagon

hexagon gray shade, bathroom backsplash design ideas

Image: Decorpad

To get the look below, order our try our Moroccan-inspired Ogee Drop shape in this beachy blend of blues and whites.

sea glass, gardenia, prussian blue, flagstone fireclay tile product design inspiration , ogee drop backsplash

Fireclay Tile Colors Shown: Sea Glass, GardeniaPrussian Blue, and Flagstone

The warm and cool blend of materials in the bathroom below read more modern with the straight set tile installation.

warm and cool shower backsplash bathroom design ideas

Image: Home Design Ideas

Flagstone's satin matte finish is an ideal soft backdrop for a rustic industrial feel, a beautiful collaborator with the reclaimed wood, and raw concrete accents.

flagstone satin matte tile finish, kitchen concrete accents

Image: Milenachka

Love this look?  Order free Flagstone samples now.  Need some help?  Simply call, chat, or fill out our Design Assistance Form and one of our talented Design Consultants will get back to you shortly.