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Tile Color Spotlight: Add a Hint of Gray With Halite

By Susanne Redfield

Sometimes, abscence of color is the goal. Our soft gray color, Halite is a real contender for best in show when it comes to cool, clean, and contemporary. Where too much of the same white can sometimes read a little too bright, this neutral with just the slightest hint of grey, softens the effect, and adds a pleasing layered effect to a room made up of many shades of white.

An ideal partner with carrara, Halite enhances the subtle hues of the stone, and creates an unobtrusive backdrop. The restrained color palette exudes an elegant, modern effect.

Consider stacking subway style tile rather than the more popular off set installation for a more modern aesthetic.

Fireclay Tile Color Shown: Halite

Some spaces just beg for simplicity, a gentle hand with color and texture. An uncomplicated 8x8 in Halite would be the perfect finishing touch in the kitchen below.

Warm natural wood details are just the right touch to keep this kitchen from feeling too cool. Even in the darkest winter this space is cheerful, relaxed, and tranquil.

Light and sunny, the monochromatic tonal shifts in the kitchen below create a welcoming and calming atmosphere.

This light gray tone creates a spa-like, luxurious oasis. Soothing never looked so good!

Our soft, matte Halite glaze is the quintessetial layering component when it comes to all the pretty gray hues in our homes today, from marble, to pewter hardware, to the myriad of subtle paint choices of our cabinets, you will be surprised and charmed by Halite's versatility.

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