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Tile Color Spotlight: A Green Spruce-Up

By Pearl

Tile Color Shown: Spruce Gloss

Warm and lush, Spruce showcases an inviting green hue in a glossy finish. A hint of khaki adds a rustic, earthy touch.

There's an earthy simplicity to Spruce green that gives it a year-round appeal. Today, we'll show you where Spruce green can give your home a refreshing uplift, no matter the season.

1. The Bathroom

If you were ever a fan of The Little Mermaid, then this shower is a fairytale-come-true. An Ogee Drop pattern offers a playful resembles to fish scales, while the varying shades of green give it an underwater quality.

Blending Spruce Gloss and Sea Green can create a similar underwater effect.

Tile Color Shown: Spruce Gloss

Tile Color Shown: Sea Green

Spruce plays well with other shades of green, and this bathroom is no exception. A vertically arranged Offset tile pattern makes the space feel taller and more expansive.

Tile Color Shown: Kelp

Tile Color Shown: Spruce Gloss

Tile Color Shown: Peabody

Spruce can quickly go from whimsical to regal to rustic, and that's why we love it. Beautifully anchoring an exposed brick ceiling, it offers a solid contrast to the bathroom's more dramatic elements.

2. The Kitchen

Spruce green goes naturally with craftsman style. This craftsman kitchen features a statement backsplash that echoes the decorative motifs of the era (and have us in awe).

On the flipside, this Ogee tile backsplash gives Spruce green dash of bohemian flair.

3. The Fireplace

From the intricate carvings to the elaborate panelin, the fireplace below shows how a green like Spruce can make an install a main attraction.

This green tile fireplace with a spritely Spruce hue gives new meaning to "the hearth of the home."

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