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Tile Color Spotlight: 3 Ways to Love Iron Ore More

By Pearl

Tile Color Spotlight: 3 Ways to Love Iron Ore More

Image: Dwell

Bright and bold colors can get a lot of play, leaving colors like dark gray in the background. But don’t be fooled by first impressions--tiles like Iron Ore are remarkably versatile and can add just as much drama and style to your space. Today, we’ll show you three patterns that help bring Iron Ore into the limelight.

Tile Color Shown: Iron Ore

1. Hexagon
Hexagons are a great floor tile option, adding a little extra traction to bathrooms and showers. Dark gray tiles like Iron Ore are also good for flooring, anchoring the space’s interior design.

This bathroom’s freestanding tub offers a chic extension of the dark gray floor, contrasting with the white tile wainscotting.

Image: Talopihkala

An all-over hexagon gray tile installation makes a dark and dramatic statement in any room. Choose a grout color that’s just as dark for added effect.   

Image: Planete Deco

2. Offset
As classic as it may be, the offset and subway pattern gets an air of mystery when finished in dark gray. A pop of color like this pink cabinet below can help the space from feeling too serious.

Image: Dwell

Iron Ore in large format can also make for contemporary flooring option for entryways and mudrooms.

Image: Planete Deco

EDGE Tile Color Shown: Iron Ore

To brighten up a wall of dark gray tile, a contrasting white grout can add just the right amount of lift.


Image: Schoolhouse Electric

3. Herringbone
Something about Iron Ore in a herringbone pattern feels just right. This timeless pattern looks alluring and sophisticated when used in a dark gray palette.

Image: Houzz

Thinner dimensions paired with a contrasting grout can accentuate its graphic impact.

Image: The Little Green Notebook

We love how the dark gray herringbone tile handsomely anchors this bathroom's otherwise open and airy aesthetic.

Image: Inside Out

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