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Tile by Style: Traditional Bathroom, for Today

By Pearl

Tile by Style: Traditional Bathroom, for Today

We all know it when we see it. Whether it's the molding that elegantly frames the doorway, oriental rugs that adorn the floor, or the heavenly patina on heirloom-inspired credenzas, when it comes to the beauty of traditional design, it’s all in the timeless details. Although today’s traditional homes have evolved to accommodate more modern lifestyles, appliances, and trends, at the core they honor the classic elements that have allowed traditional style to stand the test of time.

A few weeks ago, we showed you ways to incorporate tile into your traditional kitchen (where you can also find a detailed overview of traditional style). Before we jump in to the traditional bathroom, here’s a brief recap of traditional design:

Architectural Elements: Ornately decorative details, elaborate molding, pilasters, fluted and turned detailing, intricate scrollwork

Materials: Warmly finished wood with patina, granite, stone, marble, thick and high quality textiles

Color Palette: Wood finishes like mahogany and chestnut, light cream, ivory (although pure white is becoming popular in today’s traditional homes)

Tile for the Traditional Bathroom

Incorporating elements like classic patterns, molding, and a neutral palette are all you need to give your bathroom a the timeless look that defines traditional style.


Although it has its roots in traditional settings, herringbone has made its return as a chic pattern that looks at home in both classic and contemporary settings. It also helps to add some movement to traditional style’s weightier visual elements. Consider mixing white and gray tiles for extra depth.

Pattern Shown: Herringbone


Surprisingly simple yet oh-so-elegant, the diamond pattern is the perfect way to add a hint of luxe to your bathroom design. We're loving the way this bathroom transforms its tiled floor into an sophisticated tile rug, drawing attention to the beautiful clawfooted tub.


Often found in Victorian homes, hexagon tiles have also come back to the forefront of interior design. Adding a little extra ornamentation than rectangular tile, it can also be a practical bathroom floor solution by offering extra traction.

Tile Shown: Wall 3 x 6 Offset Tile, Floor 4" Hexagon, both in Shell

We love the way the hexagon floor is paired with a straight set wall arrangement, finished in soothing green hues.

Image: 4 x 4 Straight Set Wall in Celadon, 4" Hexagon Floor in Sea Foam

Top it Off with Trim

Taking inspiration from classic structures, our collection of Architectural Moldings allows you to incorporate a distinctive traditional element to your installation while benefiting from the beauty of handcrafted tile.

Blog Story: Finish Your Tile Project with Architectural Moldings

Here, it’s used to top off the tile installation where it meets the ceiling, anchoring the shower with a distinguished and finished look.

Tile Shown: Classic Cuerda Seca Collection

Consider installing a continuous decorating molding throughout your bathroom. See how it wraps around the shower and continues beyond the glass door as wainscoting? This can lend a cohesive look that feels sophisticated and luxurious.

We also love how the shower’s recessed shelving and floor elegantly contrasts the bathroom’s warmer palette (all while beautifully incorporating traditional patterns!).

Tile Shown: 2 x 8 Tile Offset Wall and 3" Hexagon Floor in Sand Dune

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