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Tile by Style: Eclectic Bathrooms

By Pearl

Tile by Style: Eclectic Bathrooms

If you:

Rearrange your living room every other weekend

Can easily see yourself living in an Anthropologie store display

Scour Etsy in your spare time

Love puns

All of the above

Then you’ll probably love eclectic style. Defined (or undefined, rather) by an overlap of designs and eras, eclectic style gives you the chance to pick and choose to express your own personal taste. Surprising yet sophisticated, funky and fresh, rustic but refined, timelessly trendy, it’s about capturing a unique personality that can’t be put in a box. Pulling inspiration from Victorian, modern, bohemian, coastal, and any other style you can think of, the possibilities are virtually endless when it comes to eclectic design.

Image: Inspired by Charm

Design Elements

Eclectic style is about curating pieces that showcase your personal taste. Whether it’s a colorful mix of patterned textiles, a bold accent wall, a collection of artwork or souvenirs, or even just one dramatic lighting fixture, eclectic style seeks to make a statement. There’s always something surprising about an eclectic space.

Eclectic style is also about playing off opposites. If you’re renovating a Victorian home, consider colorful palettes and modern decor. If your home is on the contemporary side, you can try mixing in antique store finds with colorful keepsakes to incorporate a sense of heritage.

Image: My Domaine

Finding a Balance

Editing is key to achieving a collected, curated look in an eclectic room. As you’re decorating, it’s important to remember the “glue” that keeps the space anchored and cohesive. One way to create harmony in an eclectic space is by using neutral walls or furniture to anchor the space and give you a fresh canvas for layering on colorful pieces and statement accents. Another way to find balance is by reducing decor to only two or three colors. Layering contrasting textures can also help to bring dimension to a space while keeping it grounded.

We love how elegantly this kitchen is able to blend classic and modern furniture (plus mixing in a few personal touches) while keeping the space spare and sophisticated.

Tile for an Eclectic Bathroom

Because it’s at the forefront of your home, an eclectic bathroom is the perfect way to try something truly different. An array of color options, patterns, sizes, and even customizable designs give you the freedom to experiment with new styles you might be hesitant to try in other parts of your home. Here are a few ways you can use tile to make your eclectic bathroom design shine.

Glass shown: 1.25" Mosaic Rounds in Dew Drop, Hydrangea, Dusty Olive, and Bluegrass; Design: Native Trails

Glass colors shown: Dew Drop, Hydrangea, Bluegrass and Dusty Olive


Adding a touch of glimmer to your space, tile mosaics are a great way to incorporate a customized color palette while offering a reflective surface that visually expands the space.

This glass tile mosaic might be different from other mosaics you’ve seen because of its neutral palette. The barrel sink and modern chair imaginatively complement the mosaic and add to its eclectic aesthetic. Want to create your own palette? Try our Crush-It! Tool to experiment with a variety of color combinations.

You can also create a fully custom tile mosaic--take a look at one of our favorites! Making an unforgettable statement behind the bathroom’s freestanding tub, this eye-catching wall is complemented by a parquet tile floor pattern and playful bubble chandelier. Neutral-hued walls help to bring all the elements together.

Image: Malcolm Fearon Photography; Design: Delaine Hackney

Interested in a custom design? Get started with free design assistance.

Pattern Play

Introducing a playful pattern into your bathroom decor can also help achieve a fun, eclectic atmosphere. One of today’s most popular patterns, Ogee Drop, offsets the sleek and modern lines found in this bathroom’s cabinets for a playful, underwater-inspired feel.

Image and Design: Camilla Molders Design

Tile shown: Ogee Drop in Azurine, Lagoon, and Hawaiian Blue

Love pattern? Why not try three? This bathroom’s blend of Glass Hexagons Mosaics, off set tile, and a Star & Cross pattern feels just right by sticking to a strictly blue and white palette.

Tile shown: Star & Cross in Turquoise; Image: Malcolm Fearon Photography

Tile shown: Star & Cross in Turquoise

Handpainted Tile

Hand-glazed by expert craftsmen, our Handpainted tile can also add artisanal flair to an eclectic bathroom redesign. From Spanish to Mediterranean to Contemporary, our Handpainted collections offer an eclectic mix of styles.

Image: Lonny

Handpainted pattern shown: Barella in the Cool Motif

Here, the mixing and matching of high contrast walls with colorful floor tile is balanced out by spare decor, letting the colors speak for themselves.

Image: Lonny

Handpainted pattern shown: Palmera in the Cool Motif

Tile + Wallpaper

One eclectic bathroom trend we’re loving right now? Pairing tile with wallpaper. If you have a bathroom wallpaper design in mind but you aren’t sure how it’ll stand up in a wet environment, consider pairing it with a tile backsplash in a solid, contrasting color. It will repel water while offering a fresh anchor for any wallpaper design.

Image: My Domaine

Tile shown: 3 x 6 in Pitch Black

This pink tile? Very on point.

Image: Lonny

Glass color shown: Coral Bell

Ready to order tile for your transitional bathroom?  Order free samples now.  Need some help?  Simply call, chat or fill out our Design Assistance Form and one of our talented Design Consultants will get back to you shortly.