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The Melt: Glazed Thin Brick and An Exercise in Deliciousness!

Posted by: Kali • Dec 30

The Melt: Glazed Thin Brick and An Exercise in Deliciousness!

Today I had the opporutunity to visit with one of our favorite customers. What was different is that this customer serves food - and the food is quite delicious. I'm talking about The Melt, one of the hottest restaurant concepts of 2011. Started by Jonathan Kaplan of FlipCam, The Melt's goal is to be the premier quick served grilled cheese and soup destination. After my experience today, I can say they are well on their way. Plus, we love The Melt because they were our first customers of our new glazed thin brick line (Launching January 2012)

My wife and I visited the The Melt Embarcadero location and were immediatley impressed by 4 key things:

1) FAST SERVICE: For a holiday week in SF, it was super crowded, but the line moved really quickly and very efficiently.

2) COOL ORDER SCREEN: After ordering, we saw our name show up on their "order board" which was super cool and something I'd never seen in a restaurant before. We knew exactly  when our food would be ready!

3) SODA FOUNTAIN: I love a good fountain soda, and The Melt's fountain soda machine is totally unique and serves delicious Diet Coke.

4) GLAZED THIN BRICK: We may be biased, but we think the glazed thin brick in The Melt looks spectacular!

My wife and I dined on The Mission and The Classic and enjoyed every last bite. We will definitely be back!

- Eric Edelson

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