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The Hexagon: Six Sides, Infinite Options

Posted by: Kali • Mar 6

The Hexagon: Six Sides, Infinite Options

our 2" and 4" Hexagons in Mint Satin and Mica

The Hexagon, our favorite six-sided shape, finds its origins in nature due to it's highly efficient structure.  But hexagons aren't only found in nature–Through the years this organically geometric shape has made an appearance in all facets of design, and with timeless qualities, we don't see it going anywhere any time soon.  Both chic and classic, the hexagon is a shape that will be on trend for a lifetime.

With a variety of sizes and hundreds of colors to choose from, Hexagons offer literally endless possibilities when it comes to design.  From traditional to contemporary, hexagons complement any style.  With sizes ranging from 2" to 12" there is the perfect size for any project.

Our Hexagon shape in 2" - 12" shown in

Introduced in the 19th Century as a design feature, the Hexagon works well in any traditional setting.  For classic interiors we suggest choosing a solid, neutral color, in a relatively small size.  For a truly traditional look, frame your hexagons with trim similar to the way the bathroom installation below has done.

Bathroom installation featuring our Hexagon shape in Malt

The use of hexagons will add a subtle pop of pattern to a traditional interior without overwhelming the overall space.

Bathroom installation featuring our 4" Hexagon in Shell

The hexagon's geometric shape will infuse any space with graphic pattern, making them a great option for contemporary interiors as well.  For a sleek, streamlined look try a white hexagon in a contemporary kitchen.  To make the pattern stand out even more, pair the white hexagons with a dark grout.  Feeling really bold? Pair a larger sized hexagon in a black or charcoal gray hue with slick appliances and wood accents.  For a contemporary look on the playful side try a colorful hexagon mosaic such as in the bathroom installation below.

Bathroom shower pan installation featuring our glass hexagons in Morning Glory Matte, Forget Me Not Matte, Icicle Matte, Wallflower Matte, Lamb's Ear Matte, Blueberry Matte

Hexagons aren't limited to ceramic tile, they come in Glass too!  Offered in a smaller, 2" size, our glass hexagons are a great option for mosaics.  Along with the pillowy soft appearance of glass, the hexagon creates a unique, geometric look with organic appeal.  Glass hexagons are a great choice if you want to use glass tile on the bathroom floor, but fear the material will be too slippery.  The small size of the hexagon tiles will require more grout, creating more slip resistance.

Bathroom Installation featuring our tile in Icicle, Dusty Olive, Wallflower, Island Flower and Plankton

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