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This vs That

This Vs. That: An Overview of Our 5 Glaze Families

This Vs. That: An Overview of Our 5 Glaze Families

All projects have different priorities when it comes to tile. Some of may be focused on sustainability, while others are more concerned with cost or style. Here at Fireclay we offer a little something for everyone by developing different glaze groups with these priorities in mind. Our 5 glaze color groups are Foundations, Recycled, Engobe, White, and Patine. These color groups vary in everything from price and material, to color appearance and style. Because we know choosing the right color can be overwhelming, we’re here to help by giving you an in-depth explanation on what exactly these color price groups mean, and which will be the best bet for your project.


Our Engobe glazes are made on our recycled clay body. Before applying the glaze to these tiles we first hand apply a white primer. This allows us to amplify that desired crackle effect on our recycled body. The primer also allows us to feature lighter, more translucent glazes on our recycled body, which we are not able to do when applying directly to our recycled clay body. Our Engobe glazes are handmade for you in 4 - 5 weeks.

Engobe Tile color shown: Kiwi

Engobe Tile colors shown: Rosemary, Nautical, and Cyclone

Engobe Tile color shown: Kelp; Design: Eco + Historical Homes


Our recycled glazes are our most versatile, featuring our widest range of colors and finishes.

Recycled Tile color shown: Spruce

Recycled Tile colors shown: Jade, Huckleberry, and Turquoise

Recycled Tile color shown: Turquoise; Image: Kirsten Kaiser Photography


Our white body color group features some of our richest, most artisanal glazes. By using a white clay body we are able to highlight the natural texture of the clay body with our most delicate crackle glazes. Because of the delicate nature of these glazes, and the level of difficulty that goes into manufacturing them, this color group has a slightly longer lead time of 4-6 weeks.

White Tile color shown: Venetian Green

White Tile colors shown: Aqua, Mayan Blue, and Martinique

White Tile color shown: Blue Spruce; Design: White + Gold Design; Image: Scott Davis Photography


Our Foundations colors are our most entry-level glazes. We offer 8 express colors, mainly in a contemporary neutral color palette, that are handmade on our recycled clay body. We call this color group Foundations because of it's lower price point relative to our other glazes ($18/SF) and that these colors are available in our most popular sizes, 4" Hexagon, 2 x 6, 3 x 6, 4 x 4, and 6 x 6 and can ship to you in as little as 2-4 weeks.

Tile shown: Our 8 Foundations colors and the 5 sizes they are available in.

Express Tile color shown: Oyster Shell; Image: Britt Smyth


Our Patine color group is currently available in 3 colors, Basil with Black Patine, Foggy Morning with Black Patine and Ultra Cream with Black Patine. A black oxide stain is hand applied to our white clay body after bisque firing. The black stain fills in the crackled surface of the tile and the excess stain is wiped away. The glaze color is then applied, allowing the oxide stained crackle to shine through. These colors are a little more difficult to perfect so we have a lead time of 4-6 weeks.

Patine Tile color shown: Basil with Black Patine

Patine Tile colors shown: Ultra Cream with Black Patine, Foggy Morning with Black Patine, and Basil with Black Patine

Patine Tile color shown: Foggy Morning with Black Patine; Image: Malcolm Fearon, Bliss Images

Find the right color price group? Order free samples now. Need some help? Simply call, chat, or fill out our Design Assistance Form and one of our talented Design Consultants will get back to you shortly.