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Stories: Scandinavian Summer

By Kali

Stories: Scandinavian Summer

Take a holiday in true Scandinavian style. Editing it down to the essentials, Design Consultant Lindsey Bourcier has curated our newest story inspired by the region's signature simplicity with a splash of sun. Four hand-picked hues give the region’s thoughtfully spare aesthetic a sun-kissed twist. Summery undertones, artful contrasts, and clean lines offer a fresh canvas for layering on rustic textures, organic touches, and geometric accents.

Lindsey sought to capture the hygge home in all its quintessential cosiness. What’s hygge, you ask? It’s a Danish concept that’s all about achieving well-being and happiness from the simple things in life--basically any little thing that fills you with the warm fuzzies. Want some for yourself? Keep scrolling to get a healthy dose of hygge, but if you want even more, head to our Pinterest Board.

Want to make your Scandinavian escape? Bring a piece of the story home with our exclusive Scandinavian Summer Sample Pack, featuring all four colors, plus four 3" Triangles in White Wash:

Tile Shown: Calcite, Milky Way, Cyclone and Gypsum

Simply Scandinavian
Functional and forever beautiful, Scandinavian style is all about editing it down to the essentials that make a space feel just right.

Pair white tile with soft wood finishes for a clean look that is subtle, soothing and timeless:

Tile Shown: 6" Hexagons in Calcite; Image: Sarah Sherman Samuel

Keep your color palette simple but add movement with a specialty shape, like Wave.

Tile Shown: Wave in Milky Wave

Get In Your Element
Scandinavian Summer's neutral palette is perfect for layering on natural elements and rustic finishes.

Tile Shown: 3x6 in Calcite

Want just a touch of color? A light gray can be the perfect compliment to white and wood finishes often found in Scandinavian spaces.

Image: Eden Home

Gypsum's soft color and matte finish makes it ideal for subtle design. For a backsplash like the one above, go for Gypsum in a 3x6 size.

Fine Lines
For an ultra-streamlined Scandinavian look, edit your design down to layers of clean lines and thoughtful color blocking.

Design Tip: Highlight your white tile with colorful cabinetry. Rich blues and greens are a top trend that have timeless appeal.

Tile Shown: 2x6 in Calcite; Image: Sarah Sherman Samuel

All the Right Angles
A dynamic pattern like herringbone in white is all the verve you need to complement thoughtfully spare decor.

The New Neutrals
Neutrals are anything but basic--contrasting textures and pops of green are all you need for a dynamic composition.

Image: Sarah Sherman Samuel; Tile Shown: 6" Hexagons in Calcite

Warm neutral tiles pop in this bathroom oasis filled with cooler tones and finishes.

Image: Arch Daily

Go for 3x3s in Milky Way for a look like the one above:

Breaking Patterns
Scandinavians love infusing whimsy into their space. Try a pop of pattern for an unexpected twist.

Tile Shown: 6" Triangles in Calcite

If you want more subdued pattern, match your grout to your tile, like this:

The Dark Side
While Scandinavian style is dominated by light tones, contrasting shades like Cyclone can add depth and drama.

Tile Shown: Mini Star and Cross in Cyclone

A Fresh Canvas
Use durable, lasting, and beautiful surfaces like tile and marble as a fresh foundations for your decor.

Image: Oracle Fox

For a clean and simple look like the one above, go for our 6x6 in Calcite:

Want more Hygge in your home? Order your own Scandinavian Summer Sample Pack online now. Need some help? Simply call, chat or fill out our Design Assistance Form and one of our talented Design Consultants will get back to you shortly.

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