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Color Spotlights

Stories: Midwest Modern

By Lindsey |

For Angie Lane, this Story hits close to home. Based in Michigan, this seasoned designer wanted to create a curated palette that spoke to the honest beauty that’s woven into the midwest’s people and landscape.

Angie’s signature Midwest Modern style pays homage to the region’s practicality, warmth, and progress. Her curated Glass Tile picks offer a soulful range of warm and cool hues, echoing the midwest’s pastoral beauty and bustling industry. 


Each of Angie's sample packs comes with a 2 x 4 glass color chip in Pheasant Gloss, Falcon Gloss, Chickadee MatteCarolina Wren Matte, Starling Gloss, Egret Gloss, Grackle Gloss, Condor Matte.


Love Midwest Modern’s homespun hues and timeless silhouettes? Check out her Story and shop Angie’s Glass Tile picks to achieve the perfect juxtaposition of classic beauty and contemporary design. You can also head to her midwest-inspired Pinterest Board for more colorful inspo. 

Keep scrolling to learn more about Angie and the inspiration behind her Story

Meet Angie!


Angie Lane // Photo: Jason Loudermilk

Tell us more about your firm, A. Lane Architecture!
My name is Angie Lane and I specialize in architecture and interiors in a style I call "Midwest Modern:" contemporary without being stark or unattainable, yet with a warmth of texture and eclectic touches that embody the practicality and personality of the midwest. The midwest has always been a mix of progressive and conservative. Midwest Modern design brings these values to life. 


Tile shown: Grackle Gloss 2x4

Where are you based? How did you get your start?
I am based in Tecumseh, Michigan. I would say I got my start in architecture at a pretty young age.  I saw some drafting tools that my dad had gotten in the army and knew I wanted to do something with them. I have been working with and for architects and designers for almost 25 years now. 

What keeps you inspired? 
I am constantly inspired by nature: proportions and textures translated into architecture. There are so many possibilities. I'm also fascinated with a place's history and people-- they are so key to a sense of place and soul. 


Do you have a design philosophy you live by? 
I suppose the design philosophy I adhere to is comfort. Creativity and inventiveness that inspires and improves quality of life/work yet is comfortable. 


Tile shown: Pheasant Gloss 2x4

What's something most people don't know about you?
My first car was a 1979 Corvette. I love those 70's Corvettes. My dream car is a '76 Stingray. Very midwestern ;-)


Angie Lane // Photo: Jason Loudermilk

How did you come up with your Midwest Modern Story (our first all-glass story!)?
I was inspired by some of the notable cities of the midwest: Detroit, Minneapolis/St Paul, Milwaukee, and of course Chicago. They all have their own narrative and distinctive style. They all contain that sense of "heartland". They are all a fantastic juxtaposition of hard work, grit, personality, perseverance and high and low design. 


How did you choose the 8 glass colors in your palette? 
I chose my color palette specifically to have warm and cool colors. The warm colors are a reference to the people and cool colors a reference to industry. 


Tile Shown: Lark Gloss 2x4, Falcon Gloss 2x4, Pheasant Matte 2x4, Carolina Wren Matte 2x4// Photo: Collected Studio


Surrounding the people and industry is the landscape. The midwestern landscape with its fields and lake and vegetation contains this entire range of color. 


What are you liking most about our new glass tile collection?
I love the thickness of it. It has a weight to it that adds to that sense of permanence. I also appreciate the option of both glossy and matte finish. What sets Fireclay glass tile apart is the color collection. It's vibrant yet muted at the same time. 


Tile shown: Sparrow 2x4, Chickadee 2x4, Oriole 2x4, Falcon 2x4

Top 3 design tips?

  • 1. Simplicity: Simplicity and refinement of ideas and concepts does two things: results in the best design and typically ends up being the most efficient solution to the design problem.


Tile shown: 3x12 Egret Matte

  • 2. There are no rules with color: If you love it and it makes you happy, do it! Start with paint; it can be easily changed if you're not satisfied.


Tile shown: 2x12 and 4x12 in Barn Swallow, Pheasant, Carolina Wren, Sparrow

  • 3. Textures are key: with both architecture and interiors. Humans are inherently tactile beings. There's something relatable and communal about being able to touch a texture.


Tile shown: Falcon Gloss and Matte 2x12

Why do you like working with tile?
I love the permanence of tile. There are examples of tiles installed thousands of years ago that are still in tact. I like to use tile in my designs as a practical material as well as an colorful  accent or additional layer of color/ texture/pattern. I especially like glass tile because of its sense of depth. 


Tile shown: Starling Gloss 2x4

What Fireclay Glass color and size would you like to use on your next project?
I would love to use 4x12 Condor in my next project. That size just has such a presence and black is so classic yet so striking. I also think it would be very interesting to do a mix of the Condor in matte and glossy to create a texture within the same color. 


Tile shown: Carolina Wren Matte 2x4 and Condor Matte 2x4

Ready to go to the heartland?  Order your Midwest Modern sample pack now! Need some help? Simply call, chat or fill out our Design Assistance Form and one of our talented Design Consultants will get back to you shortly. 

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