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Stories: Luxe Loft

By Lindsey

Stories: Luxe Loft

Downtown style gets all dressed up. Outfitted in a grown-up palette of moody jewel tones and grounded neutrals, our newest Story by Interior Designer, Desi Creswell, offers an expert blend of laid-back luxe. 

Desi Creswell Luxe Loft

Photo by Desi Creswell

Desi's modern organic palette features deep greens, industrial neutrals, and our newest color, Caspian Sea.

Luxe Loft Colors

Each of Desi's Story Sample Packs comes with a 2 x 4 ceramic color chip in Evergreen, Calcite, Neptune, Tidewater, Lichen, Navy Blue, Basalt, and our brand new glaze, Caspian Sea.


Channeling artist Sarah Lund’s flowing sculptural paintings, Desi curates a rich, lush palette with Fireclay Tile to capture the paintings' sumptuously organic essence. Keep scrolling to learn more about Desi and the inspiration behind her Fireclay Story

Sarah Lund Art 61/100

61/100 by Sarah Lund Art

Meet Desi Creswell!

Desi Creswell Luxe Loft

I am a residential and commercial interior designer who has transitioned my business from project-based work to business and life coaching specifically for interior design professionals. I specialize in helping designers become more profitable, productive and confident while reducing the stress and overwhelm that often comes with running your own business. Through one-on-one coaching, I leverage my unique blend of entrepreneurial expertise and effective mindset teachings so that my clients achieve clarity and pursue the goals that support the business and life of their dreams. 

Desi Creswell Luxe Loft

Photo by Desi Creswell

Where are you based? How did you get your start? I'm based in Minneapolis, MN and have been working in design for over 12 years. 

I got my start designing multi-million dollar commercial projects ranging from a National U.S. luxury hotel brand to a prestigious, international university in Saudi Arabia. In 2010 I started my own residential design studio where I created signature spaces for distinguished professionals that supported all aspects of their lifestyle. 

My style is Modern Classic. I prefer clean lines, a timeless color palette, and a blend of furnishing styles to ensure that a space feels inviting and livable. 

Desi Creswell Luxe Loft

What inspired your Luxe Loft Story? Sarah Lund's sculptural paintings, specifically her piece 61/100, were the inspiration behind the "Luxe Loft" concept. Her use of color and form is modern, and at the same time, the three dimensional nature of the paint is supple and inviting. 

Sarah Lund Art 61/100

61/100 by Sarah Lund Art

While thinking about what type of interior would best compliment the art I kept coming back to a palette of rich hues, natural wood tones, and metallic accents. These materials felt like they could be a touch of luxury in a downtown loft apartment. 

Luxe Loft Fireclay Tile

How did you choose the 8 colors in your palette? Evergreen, Navy Blue, and Boundary Waters all have a depth of color that conveys the luxe qualities in this concept. Bright blue-greens, Neptune, Tidewater, and Lichen, strike a balance between energetic and soothing while the sophisticated matte finish of Basalt and Calcite ground the palette. Collectively these colors feel like they have a natural ebb and flow just like the swirling colors in Sarah Lund's artwork.

Fireclay Tile's Luxe Loft

Tile shown: Caspian Sea 1x4, Calcite 2x4, Tidewater 6x6, Basalt 2x6, Evergreen 2x4, Neptune 2" Hexagons, Navy Blue 2x4, and Lichen Picket

How do you like to use tile in your designs? I love the versatility of tile. Even with a neutral-colored subway tile you can create pattern and character in a space. My favorite way to use tile is to create an eye-catching backdrop in a space that requires durability and longevity. 

Sugar 3x9 Kitchen Fireclay Tile

Tile Shown: 3x9 in Calcite // Design: Jillian Clark // Photo: Scott Clark

Best Design Advice? 

  1. Pay attention to the details. Decisions such as which color grout to use or how the tile wraps around a recessed shower niche can make a significant impact on the look of your finished project. 

    Moonstone Ogee Drop Tub Surround Fireclay Tile
    Tile shown: Ogee Drop in Lichen // Design + Install: TRG Home Concepts // Photo: Courtney Apple

  2. Hold out for the right item. It's much better to wait for "the one" than to select something because it's convenient, quick or on sale. Your future self will thank you for your patience.  

    Moonstone Paseo Fireclay Tile

    Tile shown: Paseo in Lichen

  3. Select timeless materials and colors for the more permanent finishes in your home. For example, tile and countertops are more difficult and more expensive to replace than accessories. Think of these items as your base over which you can layer and experiment as your tastes evolve. 

    Navy Blue 2x8 Fireplace Fireclay Tile

    Tile shown: Navy Blue 2x8 // Design: Studio Muir 

  4. Add a touch of black to every interior. The color anchors a space and provides contrast to keep the eyes interested. 

    Boundary Waters Mosaic 1x4 Fireclay Tile

    Tile shown: 1x4 in Caspian Sea

  5. Choose simplicity. Your home is a space meant to be enjoyed, not maintained. 

Wit and Delight Navy Blue 6" Hexagon Fireclay Tile Kitchen Backsplash

Tile shown:6" Hexagons in Navy Blue // Design: Kate Arends 

What's your favorite part of your job? For design projects the start and end of a project are my favorite parts. Curating inspiration and product in the beginning and then seeing it all come together at project completion is magical. 

For my coaching clients, there is nothing better than seeing the personal and professional growth that happens as we address the limiting beliefs that are holding an interior designer back in their business. It is incredibly rewarding to facilitate and guide these interior designers as they evolve. So much change can occur in a short period of time when someone is ready to do the work.

What Fireclay product would you like to use on your next project? Without a doubt the handpainted collection. It would be such fun to play with the unlimited color and pattern options!

Custom Handpainted Isfahan Fireclay Tile

Tile shown: Isfahan in a custom colorway. Colors shown: White WashTusk, and Flagstone

What keeps you inspired? Do you have a design philosophy you live by? I am still very much a print person and enjoy nothing more than paging through a magazine or book to gather ideas. If I'm looking for something specific I'll hop on Pinterest or Instagram.

My design philosophy, and actually my life philosophy too, is to always simplify. 

Desi Creswell Luxe Loft

Ready for a piece of the Loft life? Order your Luxe Loft sample pack today! Need some help? Simply call, chat or fill out our Design Assistance Form and one of our talented Design Consultants will get back to you shortly. 

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