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Seeing Elephant Stars: A Bathroom Remodel Story

By Lindsey

Seeing Elephant Stars: A Bathroom Remodel Story

Interior Designer Brooke Eversoll's midcentury inspired bathroom gets a splash of boho underfoot with dazzling handpainted Elephant Star floor tiles. 


Tile Shown: Handpainted Elephant Stars in Cool Motif // Design: Bee Studios // Photos: Rickie Agapito

We caught up with Brooke to learn more about her personal bathroom renovation, her design process, and best design tips. Keep reading for Brooke's full interview! 


Meet Brooke Eversoll, CMKBD:
My name is Brooke Eversoll and I own Bee Studios in sunny St. Petersburg, FL. We are a full service interior design studio specializing in whole house residential design and remodel projects with a specialty in kitchens and bathrooms. I am a Certified Master Kitchen and Bath Designer with the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) and have been designing for over 15 years-- I love what I do!

Brooke's Best Design Tips:

  • Take your time and plan it out, you have one chance to get it right
  • Use natural materials in design. Wood is a great way to soften and warm a room. Bring the outdoors in whenever possible. Practice Biophilic design, which has an emphasis on capturing the outdoor environment and nature. If you don’t have a view- use plants or earthy elements to bring in greenery.
  • Pick an area to be bold. Whether it is a pattern, color, or texture – have something fun to break the space and create a little drama.

You recently renovated your own guest bathroom! Tell us more about the space:
The original bathroom was a jack and jill style with a very tiny footprint. There was only a pedestal sink and no storage. I used square footage from 2 closets to reconfigure the bathroom layout to maximize the space and functionality. 



The new bathroom has a wider and deeper tub with a niche and shelf, perfect for plants. The midcentury inspired vanity features a wall mounted faucet and vessel sink.



What type of look or aesthetic were you striving for? 
I live in a 1940 bungalow in a historic neighborhood (I even have the original blueprints of my home!). My design intent was to pay tribute to the historic nature of my home, while modernizing it too. I achieved this by incorporating the Fireclay Tile handpainted Elephant Star tile. It has a pattern that is reminiscent of the original mosaic tile floor, but is a larger format which means less grout to clean! It also has similarities to the Cuban tiles which are still on some of the historic porches in my neighborhood. My overall aesthetic of this bathroom was to capture historical details with a mix of modern and midcentury touches.


How did you decide on the color scheme for this bath?
My color scheme and design was inspired from the Elephant Star cool motif


I ordered a sample, and when it arrived I just knew! It has a combo of greens, grey, black, and aqua. The lines are a brownish red- which was a perfect compliment to the honey color oak floors in the rest of my home. I chose to make the floor my "Wow" factor. Everyday when I walk by my bathroom it makes me smile – isn’t that how our homes are supposed to make us feel? ☺ 



For the wall tile I wanted a subway, but a plain white would be too harsh. I found a lovely sea foam color which is very subtle. I brought in a bold black tile baseboard and wall paint to add drama and anchor the space. I used my favorite black paint, Iron Ore from Sherwin Williams. The blacks are a great compliment the black star in the Elephant Star. I also introduced a French Brass finish on my plumbing fixtures to pull in the warmth and historic nature.


How was the process of designing for your own home? Any lessons learned?Designing for myself is always hard. Being client and designer can have its challenges, but I have learned to trust myself and pull in my designer friends when I need to bounce an idea or get an honest opinion. It’s also challenging being in this industry because I see so many beautiful products. However, I am happy to report I still love my bathroom as much as when I designed it. I think because I tried to tie in the new and old feel – it resonates with me. I also have to say, my husband is amazing because he let me run with the design. He loves the tile too!


How did you come across Fireclay Tile?
I first learned of Fireclay Tile several years ago and was drawn to the bold colors and patterns. My experience working with Fireclay Tile has been excellent with high quality materials and great service. My favorite products are the bricks, handpainted line, and the hexagon shapes! Fun fact: St. Pete is known for its historic hexagon paver sidewalks. I live in an older neighborhood in St.Pete and incorporated the hexagon into my logo, so it has double meaning for me.


How was the installation process? Did you work with a contractor or installer? Any challenges? 
The installation process of the whole bathroom was a typical remodel. There were good days, bad days, and dusty days. It was a challenge because we opened the entire subfloor to re-pipe the bathroom which meant eliminating the cast iron and galvanized pipe. I worked with a contractor to build the new space and he brought in the various trades. The floor install was a breeze, and I still remember coming home the day it was installed, it was like Christmas!  But I had to wait until lighting was installed to get the whole effect.  


Why do you love tile?
I am a self-proclaimed tile obsessed designer- it’s my weakness! One day I would love to design a boutique line of tile. I love historic tile, modern tile, patterned tiles, bold tiles. I never repeat products in my designs – so I am always looking for new and exciting materials to incorporate.


What Fireclay product are you dying to use on your next project?
I am really excited to use the fun patterns, a dark bricks, and I have had my eye on the handpainted Diamond Contour for a while now- waiting for the right project!


Tile Shown: Diamond Contour in Dark Motif

Check out more of Brooke's design work on her website, Bee Studios Design

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