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How It's Made: Custom Handpainted Murals

Here at Fireclay we're all pretty excited about the Asian inspired Sakura Handpainted line launching this fall. While each pattern in the line has its own story and personality, the stunning murals are what draw the eye and present a totally distinct vision in the world of Handpainted tile. Today we're sharing a little about the upcoming Handpainted murals and the process being our custom murals.

All of our Sakura murals will be fully customizable. Our customers will be able to choose a background color and a blossom color from the wide array of options in our recycled clay body color palette.

First you'll need to imagine the mural in your space, do you prefer a large installation? Or something a bit more subtle?

To decide exactly where you want your mural placed takes a little work with our design team. After deciding the scale of the mural you prefer, we'll send a few drawings back with several placement options for you to choose from.

As soon as choices are made, you are ready to order your sample for approval! You may want to order two color options, just to be sure. Once the design is finalized, your custom mural will be sent to production where our Handpainted team creates a custom screen print and gets to work painting your tile using the same process as our other Handpainted collections.

Whether your space is small and intimate...

Or a showstopping focal point....

A large, custom mural like our Cherry Tree will add undeniable glamour and bespoke narrative to any installation.

Are you interested in learning more about our custom murals? Give us a call or fill out our Design Assistance Form and one of our talented Design Consultants will get back to you shortly.