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Reclaiming Wastewater!

Reclaiming Wastewater!

Recently in the Aromas factory, Fireclay Tile installed a new wastewater reclamation system for our automatic glazing machine.  This machine produces wastewater that has over sprayed glaze in it.  Our new system provides us with a more efficient way of collecting and re-using that wastewater.

The wastewater is pumped from our collection trench into the tank pictured.  After a day or so, the solids from the glaze separate from the water and settles to the bottom of the tank.  The "clean" water is then pumped out of the top of the tank and used to clean the automatic glazing machine, which sometimes happens twice a day.  The used glaze that has settled to the bottom of the tank is then drained out and mixed into our clay mixes for future tile orders! 

Very cool stuff!!

Wastewater tank outside Fireclay Tile factory in Aromas, California

Side view of Fireclay Tile's wastewater tank where glaze solids settle in the wastewater