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Project Spotlight: This House 5000

By Kali

Project Spotlight: This House 5000

Take a crash course in the oh-so-inviting style of Toronto-based design duo This House 5000. DIY queen Elena and her handyman husband have spent six years renovating their Junction neighborhood house into an ever-evolving home of their own. Step inside their comfortable city sanctuary as we talk to Elena about how they got started, lessons learned along the way, and the colors that capture her vibe best.

Meet Elena!

Elena from This House 5000

All Images: Elena Lohse

Can you tell me a bit about yourself and what you do?
I am a content creator based in Toronto Canada, in the home decor niche. I live with my husband and two cats in an ever-evolving brick semi-detached home.

This House 5000 Dining Room

What got you interested in design?
I got into design when I lived with my parents and my mother watched HGTV all the time. I would get into her shows and they quickly became my shows as well. I was enthralled with the amazing transformations and knew I wanted my own fixer upper.

Why do you love tile?
Tile has the amazing ability to ground a room while also telling its style story. You are able to get creative and have fun with tile design from the pattern to how it’s laid. The options are absolutely endless when it comes to tile, and I love having all those options.

Handmade Kitchen Floor Tile

Tile Shown: Custom Fallow in Basalt and Halite

What are your 4 best design tips?

    1- No rush! Take your time when you get into a new space! A beautiful home takes time.

    2- Splurge on large pieces like furniture and save on small decor items that you can swap out when your style evolves.

    3- Don’t be afraid to use colour! It brightens up your life.

    4- Maximize natural light in any way you can. This could include adding skylights to a room, or a window-paned door.

    Modern Dining Room by This House 5000

    Where do you draw inspiration from?
    I draw inspiration from amazing designers that I read about or view on social media. I save photos on Pinterest and sketch out rooms that inspire me.

    Can you tell me about your home? How long have you lived there? Was this kitchen project a remodel or renovation?
    Our home is a semi-detached brick home in the city of Toronto. We have been here for almost six years. This kitchen project was a full renovation, we took it down to the studs and built it back from the ground up.

    Outdoor Style with This House 5000

    What did you change about your kitchen? What were your goals for the space?
    Our main goal was to maximize the natural light, so we added 2 skylights, vaulted the ceiling, and swapped out the metal door for a window door. We really wanted a bright space. We changed everything, from the layout to the flooring to the appliances and cabinetry.

    Handpainted Ceramic Floor Tiles by Fireclay Tile in Fallow

    Tile Shown: Custom Fallow in Basalt and Halite

    What made you choose Fallow for your floor? The Feldspar for the backsplash?
    Fallow has a beautiful curved design and we love subtle arches in decor. We laid it in a half-moon motif and it really brings in some striking lines to the space.

    We have a thing for floors!

    Tile Shown: Custom Fallow in Basalt and Halite

    Elena's tiles are an inverse of Fallow in Cool Motif! Need tile fast? This bold pattern is a part of our Quick Ship offering!

    Fallow in Cool Motif

    Tile Shown: Fallow in Cool Motif

    You are a DIY queen! Did you install the tile yourself? If so, how was the process?
    My husband installed the tile himself. I’m not going to lie, it was tough! It was his first time laying tile so there were some challenges. However, he was determined to get it in right and level. He worked very hard and the finish is beautiful.

    Kitchen Floor Installation Process

    Lastly, any colors, shapes, or patterns of ours you'd love to use in future projects?
    I would love to incorporate the colours from the desert collection in our home in the future. We are a little obsessed with the desert landscape and have already used similar tones in our design.

    Our new Desert Collection

    Tile Shown: Our Desert Collection

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    This House 5000 Sample Pack

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