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Project Spotlight: Sugar and Charm Kitchen

By Kali

Project Spotlight: Sugar and Charm Kitchen

Design: Sarah Sherman Samuel // Images: Zan Passante

With the help of friend and interior designer Sarah Sherman Samuel, Sugar and Charm creator Eden Passante gives her kitchen a seriously charming makeover. See more of this space that features our Glazed Thin Brick in Olympic below:

First, a bit about Eden:

My style can be described as…Rustic, modern, minimalist
My design philosophy is…Less is more, ha! I don’t like clutter!
I find inspiration in…Magazines, Pinterest, and travel.
I can't live without…My coffee maker
My best design advice would be…Make a mood board and have a plan before you buy stuff.
I love tile because…It’s GORGEOUS, handmade and each piece is like art.

Brick Shown: Olympic

Can you tell me a bit about yourself and what you do?
I run a website all about the art of entertaining at home. I graduated with a degree in Home Economics and have been sharing tips and inspiration for the past eight years on Sugar and Charm! I have two little boys, who keep me very busy, but love that I can be a mom and have a career too. They motivate me!

Can you tell me about your home? Was this a remodel or renovation? What were you wanting to change about your space?
It was both a remodel and reno! We bought a 1930’s bungalow on a 1/2 acre. We were in love with the property but knew it would need some major work. So we waited two years and then gutted the house, keeping the same facade and charm from the 1930’s but gave it a modern update. We added on 500 square feet and knocked down walls!

What made you decide to work with a designer on this project?
Sarah had helped me with my living room in my last house and we became friends. I love her style and knew she could incorporate my aesthetic with hers to create something gorgeous! There are so many choices from paint colors to fixtures that it’s nice to have someone give you five options! It makes the process a lot easier.

How did you come up with your overall color scheme and design?
We started a Pinterest board with interiors I pinned that I loved. I was drawn to light spa-like colors.

What were your goals for your kitchen?
Oh, the kitchen!! This was my favorite part of the reno considering we had a TINY original 1930’s kitchen for two years! We opened the space up and the goal was to make it open to the dining room and an area I can entertain in. I also wanted to keep it minimal and simple and I think we achieved that!

In terms of tile, what sort of look were you going for?
We wanted the entire wall to be tiled to the ceiling and because we live in a rustic, ranch area we chose the hand glazed brick tile. The texture is rustic and modern and it looks SO good!

What made you choose our Glazed Thin Brick in Olympic? Were there any other contenders?
We love the look and variation of the brick. It adds texture to the kitchen and everyone who walks in always compliments it. It’s unique and I feel like it brings the outdoors in.

How did the installation process go? Did you face any challenges?
The install for the tile when really smoothly. It’s nice that there is variation because you don’t have to get it perfectly straight and can embrace it if one tile in a little uneven….that’s how it’s designed. We really love it!

You also used our tile in your bathroom as well, any tile tips you learned along the way that you'd like to share?
I can’t even begin to describe how much I love the shower tile and the hexagon on the floor The color on the floor is London Fog and it’s literally my favorite color in my house!! It’s stunning! The tile cleans up really nicely and I love how Sarah chose to make the grout the same color. At first, I didn’t know and I had put white grout down, but we altered it with a special application and it really made the tile pop even more.

We'll share her bathroom soon!!

Lastly, are there any shape, colors or handpainted patterns you'd love to use on any future projects?
Oh, there are so many! I am really drawn to the hand-painted Sakura Collection. The greens and earth tones are just beautiful. Already thinking of another future home… we are Fireclay fans for life!

Tile Shown: Winter Mountains from our handpainted Sakura Collection

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