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Project Spotlight

Project Spotlight: Simply Grove Kitchen

By Kali

Project Spotlight: Simply Grove Kitchen

Design + Images: Kirsten Grove 

Defined by moody contrasts, luxe accents, and our celestial Handpainted Harvest half moons, Kirsten Grove’s kitchen transcends style. We're sharing more about Kirsten's style, her past projects with us and of course all the tile, on today's blog. 

Can you tell me a bit about yourself and what you do? 
I started working for a few local builders in my early 20's. After my kids were both born, I started my blog, Simply Grove. After a few years of blogging and writing about design, I began taking on residential clients. Since then I have started a full interior design firm with two others. We Three Design is all about creating beautiful spaces that reflect the client's needs and passions. My passions include my family, my two doodles, design, anything ginger and Doris Day movies.

This is Kirsten: 


Can you tell me about your home? Was this kitchen project a part of a remodel or renovation? 
We bought our home almost three years ago and have been slowly remodeling it since. The kitchen was one of our first renovations, but we didn't finish it how I had envisioned. We completed its second renovation last month and I'm finally LOVING IT!

Simply Grove's handpainted Harvest kitchen backsplash

What were you wanting to change about your kitchen? 
I needed it to have more personality. It went from being a 1990's kitchen to a very clean, stark kitchen. It was a good base to add layers of pattern and color.

Kirsten Grove's handpainted kitchen backsplash, in our Harvest in White Motif

What overall aesthetic were you going for? 
A modern space with curves and deep tones. A little bit of art deco meets a little bit of mid century.

Handpainted Harvest tiles in our White Motif

In terms of tile, what were you looking for?  
I wanted something interesting that wasn't seen all over social media! Something fresh and cool. I love taking risks and I'm not afraid of adding pattern in my home.

Handpainted Harvest in White Motif

Tile Shown: Harvest in White Motif

You've worked with our tile before on Secret Agent's office, what made you choose handpainted for your personal kitchen? 
Because hand painted tile is LEGIT! Seriously though, it creates the most beautiful spaces. It takes a space from being normal to being beautiful.

Handpainted Harvest tiles in White Motif

How about the Harvest pattern in White Motif? Were there any other contenders? 
Honestly, I saw the harvest pattern and about passed out. I had a hard time choosing between the white motif and the warm motif. In the end I went with white to create a more neutral look with a punch of pattern.

Kirsten Grove's kitchen backsplash features our handpainted Harvest tiles in White Motif

What made you decide to set the tiles like you did? (randomized vs. a consistent pattern)? 
I laid them out on the ground one night and played around with pattern. I loved how this pattern seemed to flow so smoothly from one end to the other end of the wall.

Harvest tiles in White Motif

How did the installation process go? Did you face any challenges?
We ended up hiring a friend who is brilliant at installing tile. We didn't want to mess the process up, and he set it perfectly. 

Handpainted Harvest tiles in White Motif

Since you've worked with our tile before, any tips or tricks on working with handmade tile that you'd like to share? 
My biggest advice is to embrace the little imperfections that make this tile so unique and beautiful. I would choose handmade tile for every single client if I could. It elevates the design to a whole new level!

Kirsten Grove's kitchen features our handpainted Harvest tiles in White Motif

Here's a bit more about Kirsten: 

My style can be described as...An eclectic mix of Danish, mid century and art deco. I'm constantly inspired by a variety of different styles, but I always come back to a clean, minimalist look.

Kirsten Grove's chic kitchen features our handpainted Harvest tiles in White Motif

I find inspiration in...I’m always inspired when I travel. Just seeing how other cultures and communities live their lives is a constant reminder that design looks different for every person.
I can't live without...Good lighting! Bad lighting ruins everything.

Kirsten's design for Secret Agent PR: 

Secret Agent PR's office kitchen designed by Kirsten Grove

Tile Shown: Old Cairo in Black and White Motif // Image: Laure Joliet 

My best design advice...Invest in a good sofa. You use it the most! Chairs and coffee tables are a dime a dozen. Spend your money on your couch.

Secret Agent PR's office designed by Kirsten Grove

Tile Shown: Old Cairo in Black and White Motif // Image: Laure Joliet 

I love tile because...It adds color and personality to any room! It creates beauty in even the most boring space.


My favorite tile color is...Taupe and deep, deep green.

3 x 9 tiles in Venetian Green

Tile Shown: 3x9 tiles in Venetian Green

Inspired by this kitchen? Order color samples online now or give our Color-It Tool a try--you can customize any of our handpainted tiles to suit your space! Need some help? Simply call, chat or fill out our Design Assistance Form and one of our talented Design Consultants will get back to you shortly. 

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