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Project Spotlight: SF Decorator's Showcase 2018

By Kali

Project Spotlight: SF Decorator's Showcase 2018

Design: Adele Lapointe // Images: Mitch Shenker Studio

Featured in San Francisco's renowned Decorator Showcase, this master bathroom designed by Adele Lapointe is luxuriously adorned from top to bottom with our Hunter Green tiles. We're dishing all the details on today's blog. 

Tile Shown: 2x8s in Hunter Green 

First, a bit about Adele: 
My style can be described as...Modern Eclectic.  
My design philosophy is...I like clean lines and a functional layout.  But I like to introduce elements of surprise through shapes, texture, color and thoughtful details.
I got my start in...My father is a General Contractor, and he used to put us to work (light labor with our cottage by the lake).  In addition to the boring stuff, however - he supported us with the fun creative projects too - like designing & building a tree house (using recycled materials), or a wood scooter I felt inspired to make.  My mom loved decorating and sewing, and we always had loose fabric around the house.  She encouraged me to decorate homes & outfits for my Barbies.  I'm almost embarrassed with how long I playing with those.  Haha.
I find inspiration in...I find inspiration from problem-solving.  I feel in design is an iterative process through artfully checking off the boxes.  Taking the first step, resolving design issues and discovering what is around the corner.  Being practical - but always with a flair for the aesthetics.  So many possibilities.  
My best design advice would be...To remain flexible and open.  Existing conditions are rarely ever perfect - or as they should be... and I see it as an opportunity to problem solve and be creative.
I love tile because...It introduces the opportunity for shapes, texture, color ... Tile is a hard durable surface, but it doesn't have to look that way.

Image: And Design by Adele Lapointe

Can you tell me a bit about your firm? What sort of projects do you typically work on?
Over the course of 14 years, our firm AND SF has focused primarily on Residential Design-Build projects, from small bathrooms to full architectural renovations.

Had you ever done the SF showcase before? What made you decide to participate this year?
This is our first ever showcase. As we are moving away from our original business model and leaning on more of a Design focused practice, we thought it was time to show what we are capable of on a public level. We entered showcase knowing that we would be introduced to new perspectives and forging new relationships. I'm really proud of our design skills, our process and how we are able to transform our projects. 

What made you choose the master bath?  
For us, the master bathroom was an AHA moment. One look and we knew our work was cut out for us.  We saw how daunting the task was going to be and the work required to complete the job... RENOVATING THE MASTER BATHROOM: was going to require rough plumbing, rough electrical, tile setting, millwork…etc. But furthermore, we really felt we had the creative vision and skill (through our experience) to bring it together.

What aesthetic were you going for?  
The concept was to reflect the relationship between modern and classic design, the juxtaposition between urban San Francisco life and the abundant nature found in Northern California, and to embody the masculine / feminine spirit of our work - through hard and soft lines.

How did you come up with the color scheme and design? What made you choose the Hunter Green? 
The inspiration came from a chance visit to Fireclay’s showroom in downtown SF.  We loved everything – but were really drawn to the Hunter Green in Matte.  There were no other contenders. The color was so rich and luxurious… the vision grew from there: The Handsome Garden. 

How about the straight set pattern?
The ceilings were quite low - and we even raised the flooring up by 2" to incorporate the recessed shower pan (and to level things up a little) ...We chose to direct the eye up through vertical lines, in not only the Hunter Green tile layout but with our wood grain/privacy screen / hanging planters...etc.

How was the installation? Did you face any challenges?
We treated this as a normal project.  Our only constraints on the project were time. Two and a half months is insanely quick to remodel a bathroom, from studs to completion - all the while providing functioning plumbing and millwork.

Lastly, which of our colors/shapes are you hoping to use in future projects? 
We really fell in love with the handsome Chaine Femme and Chaine Homme (classically beautiful). We've already introduced both in 2 of our proposals. 

Tile Shown: Chaine Homme in White Wash

Tile Shown: Chaine Femme in White Wash 

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