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Project Spotlight: Refreshed Neutral Kitchen

By Kali

Project Spotlight: Refreshed Neutral Kitchen

A fresh and inviting neutral palette is the perfect backdrop for this kitchen's eclectic Ogee Drop backsplash. The Cabinetry worked with their clients to achieve a fun, fresh and modern look and opted for our beloved Ogee Drop in a Moroccan pattern to bring contrast into the linear space. We talked with Tara L. Callow about this kitchen below: 

First, can you tell me a bit about yourself and The Cabinetry? 
I am the Project Manager here at The Cabinetry.  We work collaboratively on the design of our projects.  I love picking finishes and helping to pull the whole space together for our clients.  The Cabinetry is a boutique style showroom located in Massachusetts – south of Boston. We often manage an entire project and spec all the finishes and design details so our client can achieve the desired look they want for their project. Our clients tend to have more traditional taste but I love modern styling so I am always excited when we get a client shares that design aesthetic. My favorite part of the process is photographing the finished design! It’s so great to see everything come together.

Is this your first time working with our tile?
We have been using Fireclay for years! I found out about Fireclay reading an issue of Dwell Magazine and have been hooked ever since.  The first tile we used from Fireclay was the Wave.  Our client wanted something unique to match the rest of the kitchen we had designed for her lakefront home. The Wave tile was just what she was looking for.  The modern shape and soft earthy color of the tile was the perfect match for the rest of the finishes we chose.    

Can you tell me about this home? Was this kitchen project a part of a remodel or a renovation?
It was a large renovation for a young couple with a growing family. They were trying to maximize use of the existing space. They wanted fun, fresh and modern finishes.

How involved were the clients in the project? 
They came to us for help pulling together a design that was fun & modern for their home. They trusted us and our vision. We started with Concept Boards we created for each space and worked with the clients to tweak colors and finishes to get the exact look they were going for. 

What look were you going for in the kitchen? What were the goals of the project? 
The goals were to maximize efficient storage and function of the kitchen since they did not have a huge space to work with. They wanted an island and to incorporate stainless steel accents. The style they were going for was modern with clean lines using warm, earthy tones for the cabinetry and counters.  

Now, on to the tile! What made you choose the Ogee Drop? Were there any other shapes you were considering?
They loved the Ogee Drop as soon as I showed it to them. They wanted something unique that would make a statement. The rest of the kitchen is very linear and so the Ogee Drop was the perfect contrast to add movement and excitement to the space. 

How did you land on the color Tusk? 
We wanted to keep the monochromatic palette and let the pattern of the tile be the showcase. The Tusk was the perfect white to match the counters. We went with a warm grey grout that picked up the tone in the cabinets and counter veining to further enhance the pattern and shapes of the tiles.

And what about the Moroccan pattern? 
We just love the movement in this pattern. It was the perfect pattern to run up behind the chimney hood and stainless steel floating shelves to keep the eye moving throughout the kitchen.

How did the installation process go?
Very well! I met with the tile installer prior to installation to review the pattern. I brought pictures and we reviewed all the details so it went in seamlessly!

Lastly, are there any of our shapes/colors/patterns you are hoping to use in future projects?
I love all the patterns and colors!! Endless possibilities!! I can’t wait to use Fireclay tile in another project. It would be fun to try the Scalene Half Offset with two contrasting colors like the Cerulean and White Gloss

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