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Project Spotlight: Maine Mainstays

By Lindsey

Project Spotlight: Maine Mainstays

This cool Maine kitchen's bright blue cabinetry may be the main attraction, but our Glazed Thin Brick in Olympic makes for a versatile backdrop that's made to last.


Brick Shown: Olympic // Design: Heidi Lachapelle Interiors // Photos: Erin Little

We caught up with Portland Maine-based designer Heidi Lachapelle of Heidi Lachapelle Interiors (HLI) to learn more about this oceanfront kitchen transformation. Keep scrolling for our full interview with Heidi, before photos, and expert design advice.

Meet Heidi!


Photo: Jennifer Bravo

My design philosophy is...

  • To create functional, yet beautiful spaces that reflect our clients. We want to leave homes feeling exactly like our clients, but with an HLI touch. Our designs juxtapose vintage and antique pieces with current trends, creating the perfect marriage of style and soul.

I got my start...

  • My business partner Katie Judkins and I met in college where I was a studio art major and she was an art history major. When we graduated we both went onto different corporate companies working in fashion. During our time apart we bought, renovated and flipped several homes and decided to go into business together to create beautiful spaces for our clients. We opened HLI in May 2017 and by June we signed with our first official client! My role is principal designer and Katie is the head of operations--we compliment each other in the best way.

Interesting fact about myself...

  • Katie and I are sister-in-laws! Surprisingly (or maybe unsurprisingly), we often show up to meetings in similar outfits--always unplanned.

Principal Designer, Heidi Lachapelle (left) + Head of Operations, Katie Judkins (right) // Photo:Jennifer Bravo

I can't live without...

  • My husband and our two-year-old, Chloe. Coffee and wine are pretty high on the list too.

I find inspiration in...

  • We live in one of the coolest states (biased, for sure) and Maine is such a huge source of inspiration for us. Our little kiddos are pretty darn inspiring too. When Katie and I both became moms, we realized our strength as women and wanted to create something that our kids would look up to one day. Our projects range from cool downtown condos to oceanfront homes all around Portland. We work with a lot of wonderful clients and we feel honored to be a part of each and every project.

My best design advice...

  • Buy vintage! This one of the best (and often most cost effective) ways to add depth to your home. Also, invest in window treatments--you won't be sorry!

How did you get involved in your most recent kitchen remodel using our Glazed Thin Brick?
Our role in this project was to redesign the main living space and kitchen of this oceanfront home. We wanted to bring the kitchen into 2018 and also create a space that reflected this lovely family of 5.





Is there a story behind this project?
This is a family home that was recently passed on to the next generation. Their hope was to maintain the spirit of the home, but with a more contemporary and modern look. The house literally sits on the water, so can imagine how amazing the views are!





How does being based in New England influence your designs?
Maine is definitely a big source of inspiration for everything we do at HLI. Our spaces always have a New England spirit--sophisticated, but approachable and welcoming.


What was the overall aesthetic you were going for in this space? Design goals?
The aesthetic for this space was modern coastal. Initially, we were inspired by the large painting that the previous owners commissioned for the home that sits in the dining room. The colors from this ocean scene were striking, so we decided to pull the same blues and neutral tones throughout the rest of the space. We used Oval Room Blue from Farrow & Ball for the kitchen cabinetry, which is a rich blue with so much depth and this color really set the stage for the overall design.


For the design, we really wanted to open up the space and do our very best to bring the outside in. We replaced the small double-hung windows with 7' picture windows, which modernized the space and maximized the view. For the kitchen, we wanted an airy feel and opted for open shelving to lighten things up. In other areas of the house, the focus was about creating a strong floor plan and finding all the right pieces for the space.


How involved were your clients in the design process?
Our clients were involved, but they also gave us a lot of creative license. They trusted our judgement and taste, which always yields the best outcome!

What made you decide to use Glazed Thin Brick over another material?
The handmade look and feel of tile. Every single piece feels so special and unique.


How was working with Fireclay? Any favorite moments?
It was amazing! Robin, our Design Consultant, helped us every step of the way. She also streamlined our design and informed of us the glazed edge trim option for brick that functions the same way as bullnose, but with a more modern look.


Brick Shown: Olympic with glazed edge trim

How was the installation process? Did you face any challenges? Lessons learned?
The installation process was seamless. If we could do it all over again, I would still have it the exact same way!





What other Fireclay shapes, colors, or handpainted patterns would you love to use in future projects?
I would love to try the Color It! tool to paint my own tiles to create something super custom. Just the idea of a perfect color match makes any designer totally geek out!


Tile Shown: Starburst in a custom colorway // Design: In Honor of Design // Photo: Rustic White Photography

Why do you love working with tile?
It adds such a beautiful, tactic element to any room. The possibilities are endless with tile and it never goes out of style.

About Heidi Lachapelle Interiors:
We aim to design functional, yet beautiful spaces that reflect our clients. Our designs juxtapose vintage and antique pieces with current trends, creating the perfect marriage of style and soul.

See more of Heidi's work on her website!

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