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Project Spotlight: JoJotastic Kitchen Reveal

By Lindsey

Project Spotlight: JoJotastic Kitchen Reveal

Giving her petite bungalow kitchen a major remodel, blogger and stylist Joanna Hawley opted for details that were both on-trend and timeless. Her patterned kitchen tiles steal the show, featuring our Chaine Homme "H" pattern to honor her late grandfather, Harvey. 

We caught up with Joanna to learn more about her recent kitchen remodel. Keep scrolling for our full interview (plus some cute dog+tile photos!). 

Meet Joanna Hawley aka Jojotastic!


I'm a Seattle-based lifestyle blogger, prop stylist, and teacher helping small businesses use social media. Every day is different from the next and I wouldn't have it any other way!

Tell us about your new home! Is there a story behind it that you'd like to share?
My home is a 1908 bungalow in the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle... and it's only 640 square feet! I unexpectedly became a homeowner thanks to my dear grandfather Harvey. After he passed, I learned that he'd requested me to buy my first home... and had left me money to do so! When I found the tiny bungalow, I immediately fell in love because of its charm and location. It had been used a rental for a long time and had the wear and tear to prove it. So far, we've renovated the living room, dining room, bedroom, backyard, and now the kitchen! Next up, the bathroom, mudroom/laundry room, and front yard.

Slate Blue Floor

Tile shown: Slate Blue Chaine Homme // Design: Joanna Hawley + Sarah Gibson // Photos: Joanna Hawley

Was the kitchen project part of a remodel or renovation? 
This was definitely a remodel! We even removed a wall, updated our electrical, and removed three layers of original cedar shiplap (don't worry, there are still a few more layers of it).






Handmade tile floor

Fireclay Tile Custom Floor

You worked with designer Sarah Gibson on this project-- what made you decide to work with a designer?
I was completely overwhelmed by the thought of designing a kitchen... it's just such a huge, impactful space. I wanted to do it right and I knew Sarah had the best design sense for a space like this. I love her aesthetic and working with her was a dream. She's such an expert. In terms of our working process, we spent a lot of time on Pinterest! Also, I bombarded her via text about 30 times a week... she's a saint for handling all of my various meltdowns and our crazy renovation mishaps! I could not have done this without her.

Seattle galley kitchen tile floor

What were the main goals for the space? What type of look or aesthetic were you going for?
I wanted the space to feel modern, but also still true to the bungalow style of our home. And I wanted to avoid feeling trendy at all costs!! In my opinion, nothing is worse than being unhappy with a design decision a few years later. Also, the kitchen was a pretty decent size before the remodel, but lacked storage. We adjusted the floor plan a bit to add in the home's ONLY closet!


How did you come up with your color scheme and design?
When I first moved in, I had no idea what my style really was — especially for my own space. I have appreciation for different aesthetics, but it took me a few years to dive into what felt best to me. Turns out I love lots of white, touches of black, and shades of blue! That simple palette informed the design, then Sarah fully realized the look by adding in marble, aged brass, and black stainless.

Slate Blue Chaine Homme Floor

What made you choose tile for the floor? 
The first time I saw the Chaine Homme tile, I literally gasped. I knew I didn't want a patterned tile, but instead wanted a solid colored tile that came together to form a pattern so that it's more subtle.

handmade tile floor by Fireclay Tile

What do you love about the Chaine Homme Shape? 
I chose these H-shaped, interlocking tiles because they were the perfect homage to my grandfather, Harvey's memory. With every renovation, I keep him in mind and truly try to honor him with everything I do. The Chaine Homme is a wonderfully subtle way to do that, but are also just a beautiful patterned kitchen tiles!

Slate Blue Chaine Homme Floor + Dog

How about the color Slate Blue? Were there any other contenders? 
My love of navy blue is deep. It took me a while to make up my mind for the tile color. Nautical and Navy Blue Gloss were definitely contenders, but Slate Blue coordinated best with the rest of the house and the overall kitchen design!


How did the installation process go? 
We hired a tile installer because our home is so old and so crooked! We actually put in a lot of work to making the floor more level and even for the tile. Our installer was a bit quirky, but thankfully had a wonderful attention to detail. He made sure that each interlocking piece fit well with the next one and on and on. He definitely pushed back when I said I wanted black grout, but that argument was SO worthwhile... I love the drama it adds!




How did you hear about Fireclay Tile? What did you enjoy about the experience? 
I think I first fell in love with the beauty of Fireclay Tile in Anne Sage's kitchen. I love that the materials are recycled and that there is a wide breadth of color selection. It also helped that requesting color samples was so easy, especially when I got really indecisive.


Why do you love tile? 
It can transform a space so easily! Our kitchen would have been simple black and white without the floor — but now it's so impactful and unique.

Floor tile by Fireclay Tile

Floor tile by Fireclay Tile

Lastly, what other colors/shapes/patterns of ours would you love to use in a future project?
Well, when we finally renovation the bathroom, I plan to continue the Chaine Homme tile into that space for a cohesive look. I am also thinking about tiling our front porch to add a fun pop of pattern and some curb appeal!

Joanna Hawley Kitchen floor by Fireclay Tile

Check out more of Joanna's kitchen remodel in our Installation Gallery

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