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Project Spotlight: Daisy Chaine Homme Kitchen

By Kali

Project Spotlight: Daisy Chaine Homme Kitchen

All Images: Eric Rippin Photography 

Caitlin McCarthy, one of HGTV's Fresh Faces of Design Award winners, worked her magic on this eye-catching kitchen that features our Chaine Homme tiles in Daisy. When Caitlin showed her client the Chaine Homme shape, she told her, " reminded her of family. The chaine linking patern was a symbol of closeness to her, which she found to be comforting and inspiring." We love this sentiment and this beautiful space--continue on to see more! 

First off, can you tell us about about yourself? And your firm? 
I think a well designed interior can actually bring out the best in people. It’s my goal to elevate my clients in this way and help them usher in fresh changes in their lives through design. I like to collaborate on style, influence, and functionality with them, while bringing my expertise and defined tastes to the project. I love doing residential design because of how personal the projects are, but I also do commercial, specializing in communal and curated spaces that are intended to feel like homes away from home-even if the projects are sometimes offices away from home.

Had you ever worked with our tile before?
This project was the first opportunity I had to work with Fireclay and I’m so glad we went in this direction. The options for both subtle and unexpected colors and the handmade feel of each tile cannot be compared with any other tile maker. I also love the locally sourced and eco conscious element of the brand as well.

Can you tell me about this project? Is there a story behind this home you'd like to share? 
When I met Sarah she had been living with her home in the same state of design as it was when she and her husband had bought it several years before. So much was out of date and their plans to remodel upon purchase had been sidelined by the busy day to day of having two young (adorable) children. When I came into the equation, I shook things up a bit and we were quickly under way. They had to skip town a few times during some of the more invasive phases of the project, but now their redesign is exactly what their family needed.

What this kitchen a part of a remodel or renovation? What about the space did you want to change? 
The first order of business was removing the wall between the kitchen and living room to create an open floor plan. I know, I know, just like every home reno show! It really changed the space though. We also opted for french doors transitioning from the kitchen to the backyard, which required significant reframing of the house. Additionally, we relocated the sink to the other side of the room and created a breakfast nook for her family to gather at for quick meals and casual seating.

What type of look or aesthetic were you and your client's going for?
Sarah and her family were excited for change. We selected a gray with purple undertones for the custom flat panel cabinetry and dressed it up with brass hardware and smoked mirror accents. I wanted her to have a fresh kitchen, with modern lines, homey touches, and a sophisticated yet fun personality. I wanted it to feel current without being trendy and fresh without feeling stark.

How involved were your client's in the design process? 
I don’t often get to work with clients who innately have such great taste. The drawings and designs I presented to Sarah that I was the most excited about were matched with the same enthusiasm from her. We were very in sync in that way. There were several things she wanted in the space that would make it ideal for cooking and preparing food for her health and wellness brand and blog. Incorporating those challenges into the design enhanced the space.

What made you go for the Chaine Homme shape? Were there other contenders? 
Something about the interlocking shape pulled me in. It is a pattern that looks timeless, but I realized I hadn’t seen it before. I added it to the drawings and style boards of the space I had created and it pulled the look together and gave the space an identity. When I showed my selection to Sarah, she told me it reminded her of family. The chain linking pattern was a symbol of closeness to her, which she found to be comforting and inspiring.

How about the color Daisy? And the contrasting grout color? 
I knew I wanted a contrasting grout to emphasize the pattern of the tile. Daisy was the perfect compliment to the undertones of cabinetry as it isn’t white, but with the surrounding colors, it reads as white and that was exactly what I was going for.

How did the installation process go? Did you face any challenges? 
There are always unexpected challenges in any remodel. We had some challenges in the placement of the new windows as well as the relocation of the sink. Part of the kitchen was sitting on a concrete foundation that proved to be more difficult to navigate than we anticipated. All is well that ends well though and the final results were worth the troubleshooting. The tile installation, on the other hand, was smooth sailing from start to finish! 

And lastly, are there any other shapes and colors you are currently using in other projects or wish to use in future ones? 
I am mesmerized by the color palettes at Fireclay. I’m currently working on a modern farmhouse and country home remodel that will feature several Fireclay applications in basket weave in 3x12s in Evergreen and Tusk and a herringbone fireplace in Meteorite. But I’m keeping the exact colors and patterns under wraps until the big reveal! 

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