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Project Spotlight

Project Spotlight: Could I Have That

By Kali

Project Spotlight: Could I Have That


Design: Caitlin Flemming // Photography: Jacqueline Pilar 

Drawing on pattern and scale, Samantha Wennerstrom of Could I Have That? chose fresh and timeless neutrals to revamp her Santa Barbara home with the help of friend and designer, Caitlin Flemming. We talked with Samantha about her home, style and of course all the tile on today's project spotlight. 

First, can you tell me a little bit about yourself and what you do? 
I write the fashion and lifestyle blog called Could I Have That? I started it in 2009 because I was inspired by the Santa Barbara lifestyle and all things fashion of course. It became a creative outlet that housed all the things I was coveting or loving. From there it grew organically into a full-time job. I still live in Santa Barbara with my husband and three-year-old daughter Elin. 

Samantha in her kitchen: 


Can you tell me about your home? Was this a remodel or renovation? 
We bought a fixer-upper at the end of 2017 and completely gutted the inside changing the floor plan slightly. Since the home was built in the 60's we decided to move in a modern, clean direction. The overall vibe is minimal and contemporary with warm accents. 

How do you know Caitlin? What made you decide to work with a designer? 
Caitlin Flemming and I met through blogging years ago. I've always admired her work and love her timeless approach to design. We share a love for neutrals both in our homes and wardrobes. 

Caitlin and Samantha's tile selections for her home: 


Let's talk about your kitchen, what did you envision for your space
Originally the home had a small nook within the kitchen that housed the washer/dryer and water heater. We closed this wall off and created a separate laundry room with an entrance on the opposite side/hallway. This made a world of a difference in the kitchen and gave us more cabinet storage.


The first design decision we made for the house came from an image we stumbled upon on the internet of the Fireclay Small Diamond Tiles. We literally designed the rest of the kitchen around this cool geometric design. We brought in some white oak shelves and a custom white oak hood to warm up the space and balance the contemporary look. 


Tile Shown: Small Diamonds in White Gloss

In terms of tile, what sort of look were you going for? 
We wanted to make a subtle statement and loved the geometric designs out there. But the one that really sold us on the idea was the Fireclay Diamond Tile with a light gray grout. From there we immediately gravitated towards all things Fireclay. 


What made you choose our Small Diamonds in White Gloss? Were there any other contenders? 
There really wasn't any other contenders my heart was so set on the small diamonds!


Now onto the bathrooms. Let's talk about the master first, what look were you going for here? 
We wanted the bathrooms to reflect the modern look of the house so we choose neutral tones with a contemporary design. We wanted to make a statement with the tile in this bathroom and I loved the idea of the vanity wall being floor to ceiling tile. Caitlin really helped us out here going to the showroom and put colors and shapes together to bring our vision to life. She suggested the stacked 2x8 horizontal, which I immediately loved the look of. 


Tile Shown: 2x8 in Tusk with 6" Hexagons in Gypsum 

What made you choose the 2x8s in Tusk and 6" Hexagons in Gypsum? 
These colors together were my absolute favorite. They're subtle, neutral and timeless! I loved the way the Hexagon tile looked as a floor and was instantly drawn to it when paired with the stacked 2x8 tile. Since the bathroom is fairly small we wanted it to feel open and bright, which is exactly how it turned out. We couldn't be happier. 



Tile Shown: 2x8 in Tusk with 6" Hexagons in Gypsum 

Onto your daughter Elin's bath, what was the inspiration here? 
There were so many ideas for this bathroom because we figured it would be a fun one to get creative with. What we ended up falling in love with was a geometric design for the floor and contrasting colors in the blue and gray family. 


Tile Shown: Hexite in Blue Spruce for the bathroom floor 


Tile Shown: 2x8 in Blue Spruce for the shower walls 

Trim Tip: Schluter is sleek! If you're looking for an easy trim solution for exposed edges on your walls or shower niches, Schluter is a great option (as you can see from Samantha's bathrooms + kitchen). 

What made you choose to use Blue Spruce 2x8s and Hexite? Were there other contenders? 
Since this is both Elin's bathroom and the one guests would be using, we wanted to keep it both playful yet sophisticated. A fun geometric design for the floor was the perfect solution and we really loved the combination of colors Caitlin chose for all of the bathrooms. There was a cohesive look throughout all of them that really tied the whole house together. 


What about the guest bathroom? What vibe were you going for in this space? 
Since this bathroom had plenty of light I loved the idea of balancing a slate gray vanity against white tile and gray grout for a super minimal look. 


Tile Shown: 6" Hexagons in Daisy 


What made you decide to go for all white tile? 
Since we had a gray vanity, this felt like the right bathroom to go all white on. With the varying tile, it turned out so cool! I love shooting beauty content for Could I Have That? in this bathroom because the light is so bright and complementing to my skin. 


Tile Shown: 6" Hexagons in Daisy with 2x8s in White Gloss 


How was the installation process? Did you face any challenges? 
It was actually super smooth thank goodness! 


Tile Shown: 2x8 in Tusk with 6" Hexagons in Gypsum in the Master Bath

Lastly, why do you love tile? 
To me tile is timeless and there are so many creative ways you can use it in your home. There are endless combinations of color and tile shape so that you can really make whatever design unique to you. When we first started gathering inspiration, there were so many cool ideas I came across that I almost couldn't decide what was best for our house. This is where Caitlin was huge in the process, we needed that third perspective and someone with a design eye to steer is one direction. 


Tile Shown: Hexite and 2x8 in Blue Spruce in Elin's bathroom 

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