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Project Spotlight: Coastal Living 2016 Hamptons Showhouse

By Kali

Project Spotlight: Coastal Living 2016 Hamptons Showhouse


Images: David Land, Courtesy of Coastal Living

Coastal Living went all out with our tile in their dazzling 2016 Hamptons Showhouse and we're so excited to share it with you. 

This is Coastal Living's most colorful showhouse yet (and the first in the Hamptons), Designer Meg Braff says that she put her personal stamp on it with, "Color! I am all about color in a summer house and striking a balance between polished design and casual living. I love mixing bold colors and patterns and this house will be an opportunity to share my favorite textiles in a new and exciting way." Continue on to see more of this beautiful home (as well as a whole lot of tile inspiration):

The Kitchens:
Both of the Showhouse's beautiful kitchens are well stocked with Fireclay Tile. Of the main kitchen featuring Hawaiian Blue, Designer Meg Braff says, "The ocean blue backsplash tiles by Fireclay are large and graphic and bright. At 4x8 (compared to 3x6 subway tiles), both the size and color were daring, even for me, but that shade seemed right for this house." She also liked that the size of the tiles offered a hint of familiarity—like  “an old brick kitchen, just brighter and more fun.”


Tile Shown: 4x8s in Hawaiian Blue.


Tile Shown: 4x8s in Hawaiian Blue.

Below is this gorgeous color up close. Rich in variation, with a crackly finish, Hawaiian Blue is easy to love.


Tile Shown: Hawaiian Blue

The pool house kitchen features softer shades of blue, that are just as impactful, especially set in this unique pattern that Meg Braff chose. Coastal Living says of this kitchen, "Clay floor tiles easily stand up to wet pool traffic, but with the tonal subway backsplash, they also bring the colors of the pool water inside. Large-format ocean photos splash in more H2O."


Tile Shown: 2x6s in Crater Lake & Caribbean for the backsplash & 6" Hexagons in Crater Lake for the floor.

The Bathrooms:
“In a house likely to be packed with guests, I incorporate as many en suite baths as I can,” says the Showhouse's Architect Fred Throo, With more than a half dozen throughout the house, Designer Meg Braff honed her design approach: “I like to create common denominators, like white vanities and polished nickel hardware, and then throw in a wildcard wallpaper or tile.”

Below is the Masterbath, that features our 6" Hexagons in our popular, White Gloss. Hexagons, both big and small are ideal for bathroom floors; the grout joints create a great slip resistant surface.


Tile Shown: 6" Hexagons in White Gloss.


Tile Shown: 6" Hexagons in White Wash.

We are love, love, loving the Aegean Sea Kite floor in the bathroom below. The unique shape and rich blue color are highlighted by a bright white grout:


Tile Shown: Kites in Aegean Sea.

Here's a closer look at Aegean Sea:


Tile Shown: Aegean Sea

You primarily see cool, serene tones in a bathroom setting, but warm tones work too, as you can see from the Ogee Drop bathroom below. Coastal Living says of this space, "The half-arc pattern of these tangerine tub tiles is reminiscent of the rising sun, which is brilliant as a backdrop for morning soaks. Pair with a wallpaper smaller in scale but in the same color family."


Tile Shown: Ogee Drops in Tangerine.


Tile Shown: Ogee Drops in Tangerine.

Like the Masterbath, the Junior Masterbath also features 6" Hexagons in White Gloss for the floor. The soft green wallpaper creates such a calming feeling.


Tile Shown: 6" Hexagons in White Gloss.

You can see why so many go green for their bathrooms based on the images above and below. The softer green, patterned wallpaper, pairs beautifully with the Ogee Drop tiled floor in Sea Green, set in an intricate Moroccan pattern in the bathroom below. Wise design advice from Coastal Living, "Choose tiles that are a shade darker than the walls to keep the tonal palette in harmony."


Tile Shown: Ogee Drops in Sea Green.

This last bathroom is a real showstopper, featuring Lapis and Glacier Bay. Coastal Living makes an excellent point that dynamic duos like this, " magic for amping up excitement in small rooms without access to sunlight. Mix geometric tile patterns for shower walls that shine."


Tile Shown: Mini Star & Cross in Glacier Bay and Lapis; 3" Hexagons in Glacier Bay on the floor.


Tile Shown: Glacer Bay

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