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Designer Spotlights

Project Spotlight: 3 Rooms, 3 Fresh Looks

Finding inspiration from patterns, Designer Stephanie Walker of Pamela Pennington Studios, showcased our tile in three rooms in a recent project. From handpainted tiles to specialty shapes, Stephanie's style adds a playful feel to this beautiful Palo Alto home. Below, we talked to Stephanie about her style, design process and of course, tile:

My style can be described as... 70’s Revival. I grew up with an appreciation for 70’s style and I love that it’s coming back in fashion and décor.
My design philosophy is... Find the style that makes you happy, even if it’s not part of the current zeitgeist.
I got my start... while interning at Pamela Pennington Studios as a student at San Jose State. Then I was hired on after graduation.
I find inspiration in... bold patterns.  I love patterns that make an impact and usually start with them first and build from there.  
My best design advice would be... Don’t start demo until you’ve got a design in place.

This is Stephanie:

How did you hear about Fireclay Tile?
About 5 years ago when a rep came into the office to do a presentation. I’ve been drooling over your products ever since.

Was this project your first time using our tile?
 I’ve dabbled in Fireclay before with a powder room here and there, but this was the first time I felt like I really got to feature the tile.

When designing this space, how did you come up with the color scheme and design?
I had a dream client for this project. She was so trusting and totally open to color and pattern, so I knew I couldn’t let the opportunity to do something fun go to waste. I started with colors I knew she would respond to and then found the appropriate tile pattern for each room.

Here's the mood board for the kitchen:

Image: Stephanie Walker

Stephanie's mood board comes to life in the image below:

Tile Shown: Diamond Contour in Neutral Motif. Image: Michelle Drewes Photography

You used our tile in 3 rooms in this house, how did you choose the tile for each room?
The Diamond Contour pattern is so unique, I had to incorporate it into the kitchen:

Tile Shown: Diamond Contour in Neutral Motif. Image: Michelle Drewes Photography

The clients loved the Ogee Drop shape and the subtle crackle finish of Sea Foam for their masterbath:

Tile Shown: Ogee Drops in Sea Foam set in a Moroccan pattern.

Tile Shown: Ogee Drops in Sea Foam set in a Moroccan pattern. Image: Michelle Drewes Photography

The Wave in London Fog for the It felt like the perfect mix of playful and serene for their boy's bathroom:

Tile Shown: Wave in London Fog. Image: Michelle Drewes Photography

We're the homeowners involved in the tile decision making? Did you almost go with another shape or color?
The client was involved in the tile decision making, but it was very quick. I presented my suggestions and she signed off on it instantly.  She didn’t need to see anything else.

How did the installations go? Did you face any challenges?
The installation went great. Initially we were going to end the kitchen backsplash right where the upper cabinets stop and the built in banquette starts, but when the cabinets were starting to be installed we realized that the tile should just extend onto the whole wall and around the window. This required ordering more tile, which really wasn’t a problem because it came quickly.

Tile Shown: Diamond Contour in Neutral Motif. Image: Michelle Drewes Photography

Tile Shown: Diamond Contour in Neutral Motif. (Also...that cake!)

What is something you think is important to note when working with a handmade tile like Fireclay? 
Know which colors you can do with which shapes and the difference between red body and white body clay. I made the mistake of specifying the London Fog color in the Wave shape. This was tricky because London Fog was a white body clay color and the Wave shape was a red body clay. Luckily Fireclay was great at making custom samples to match the London Fog color on red clay. The samples looked great and that’s what I ended up using.

NOTE: We now offer our White Clay Body in many of our larger sizes! So you can now get the Wave in London Fog. More on that here.

Tile Shown: Wave in London Fog.

(We love the tiled niches in both the shower and bath areas):

Tile Shown: Wave in London Fog.

Are there any shapes or colors that you really want to work with, but haven't had a chance to include them in a project yet? 
I’m itching to use the Kite pattern. It looks like I might be able to in an upcoming project!

Tile Shown: Kites in White Wash

Inspired by these three rooms? Order color samples online now. Need some help? Simply call, chat or fill out our Design Assistance Form and one of our talented Design Consultants will get back to you shortly.

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