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Preview Your Dream Project with our Rendering Program

By Blair Hagensen

Preview Your Dream Project with our Rendering Program

If you’ve ever wished you could preview how our tile looks in your space, good news: you can, with our photorealistic rendering program!

On top of our standard free design assistance, we offer two photorealistic rendering options–Concierge and Premium–so you can see your design in lifelike detail before you purchase your tile. We know tile isn’t an impulse purchase, so previewing your design choice is an excellent way to put your mind at ease and go into your installation feeling self-assured.

Renderings are especially helpful if you’ve chosen a multi-colored pattern or motif, or a Handpainted Tile installation. Your dedicated Design Consultant will help you design the pattern of your dreams, and the rendering can show you exactly how it will look in your space.

Sam Ushiro's sunny yellow primary bathroom with handpainted tile floor, yellow tile countertop, and light grey glass tile surrounding the sunken tub. Photorealistic rendering on the left and final installation on the right.

Sam Ushiro's Bathroom Rendering & Final Installation // Tile Shown: Handpainted Harvest in custom motif, 4x4 in Daffodil, 2x2 Sheeted and 4x4 in Egret Matte // Designer: Sam Ushiro // Image: Madeline Harper

Should you choose a Concierge or Premium-level rendering, the cost of the rendering will be applied as a credit to your tile purchase of 25 SqFt or more, or on orders valuing over $500 with a design consultant–so if you already know you want to go with our sustainably-produced, USA-made tile, it makes perfect sense to benefit from a photorealistic rendering.

And if you’re an architect, interior designer, contractor, or tile installer, good news: renderings are always complimentary for members of our Fireclay trade program. No matter the size of your project, we want to ensure that you can design with confidence. Trade members are also welcome to extend this perk to their clients.

If you haven’t joined our trade program yet, apply here to enjoy all our trade-exclusive perks.

How it Works

Renderings are available through our friendly Design Consultants (fill out this quick form to be connected to yours!). Once you have your tile chosen, your dedicated Design Consultant will work with our team of artists to create the realistic rendering of your choice.

Typically the rendering process takes 1-4 days, and your Design Consultant will share the finalized design with you once your rendering is complete. Concierge and Premium renderings are both eligible for one revision.

Concierge-Level Rendering

$275, applies as a credit toward your tile purchase with a design consultant.

Concierge level custom rendering of primary bathroom with ombre mosaic tiled tub surround

If you want a sneak peek of exactly how your tile choices will look in your own home, this is the option for you. See your design photorealistically installed in your space, with precise dimensions and graphics featuring best-match fixtures, appliances, cabinets, and lighting. This rendering is as real as it gets!

Premium-Level Rendering

$150, applies as a credit toward your tile purchase with a design consultant.

Premium level rendering of kitchen with herringbone tile backsplash

Our Premium-level rendering is as lifelike as the Concierge rendering, but instead of showcasing your tile in your unique space, the tile is applied to a templated environment. With this rendering, you’ll choose from several photorealistic templates to find the space that most closely resembles your own and see your tile choices in realistic detail.

Standard Design Assistance

Always free!

Pattern sheet of white and blue hexagon tile set in a floral motif pattern

Even if you choose not to purchase a rendering, you’ll always receive free design assistance to help you find your perfect tile. Our tile experts are always happy to help with dedicated, step-by-step guidance, sample and product selection, cost estimates, ordering, trim selection, and more. Plus, free design assistance includes a pattern sheet mockup approximating how your tile design will look.

Ready to bring your design vision out of your imagination and into a lifelike rendering? Fill out this simple form to get started!

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