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Picket Tile Backsplash: A Creative Subway Tile Alternative

By Shannon Malone

Picket Tile Backsplash: A Creative Subway Tile Alternative

When you hear "kitchen backsplash tile" a classic white subway tile backsplash is most likely the first thing that comes to mind. And while subway tile is always a stylish and timeless option, sometimes your space simply calls for something a little different.

In comes Picket, an elegant alternative to subway tile. Picket's beautifully articulated silhouette is inspired by gemstones to give your space a hint of modern luxe. To help get you inspired to try something new, we've put together our 5 favorite ways to mix things up with Picket.

1. White and Off Whites

If you looking for a close alternative to white subway tile, try Picket in a white or off white hue. The overall look will resemble the classic layout, but the gem-like quality of Picket will add a unique quality to your space. We love Picket in our timeless white hue, White Wash.

picket tile backsplash

Tile Shown: Picket in White Wash // Designer: Courtney Fairchild // Photo: Courtney Fairchild

In this commercial setting, Picket tile in the same glaze and pattern is mounted in a horizontal orientation for an attractive accent wall tile touch.

Tile: White Wash Picket // Design: Joanna Lo // Image: Patricia Chang

Picket can also be featured in a braid pattern. This twisting pattern brings an element of whimsy and flow to a backsplash design.

braided picket tile backsplash

Tile: Frost Picket // Design & Image: Bridge City Contracting

We love how the glossy warm white braided backsplash works with the vibrant yellow accents in this eye-catching kitchen.

yellow and white kitchen

Tile: Tusk Picket // Design: Hatch Works Austin // Image: Robert Gomez Photography

2. Cool Grays

For a contemporary look that borders transitional, choose Picket in a cool, light gray hue such as Oyster Shell or Driftwood.


Tile Colors: Oyster Shell and Driftwood

This Picket color palette looks fresh in contemporary and modern spaces, pairing well with crisp white grout.


The kitchen below boasts a classic look that's taken up a notch with a cool gray Picket Backsplash. The subtle geometric tiles are finished with a black patine to fill the intricate crazing on the glaze's surface for a unique take on gray.

picket tile backsplash - magnolia with black patine

Tile: Picket in Magnolia with Black Patine // Designer: Designs by Simony // Photo: Simony Silva

3. Fresh Greens

If you love the idea of a subway tile alternative, but want to add some color to the design, try choosing a fresh green Tile hue such as Rosemary or Jade.


Tile Colors: Rosemary and Jade

Salton Sea is our softest green, giving off a cool, nearly neutral look in certain spaces. Coupled with the stainless steel accents of this kitchen, this color looks decidedly contemporary.

green picket tile backsplash

Tile: Salton Sea Picket // Design: Dawn Cook Design // Image: Suzuran Photography

In this kitchen, the same glaze appears more saturated. Make sure you sample any colors you're interested in before purchasing and observe them in the space you'll install them in a variety of natural and artificial light conditions.

green picket tile backsplash

Tile: Salton Sea Picket // Design: Todd Davis Architecture // Image: Eric Rorer

With brighter glazes, a pop of green tile in the backsplash area can also add a playful character to a design. This braid pattern features a random spread of two colors to give the design even more liveliness like a tree quaking in the breeze.

picket tile backsplash - sea glass and jade

Tile: Picket in Sea Glass and Jade // Designer: Rebecca McAndrew // Photo: Curb Appeal Photography

4. Classic Blues

Another route to try is Picket in a classic blue, such as Crater Lake or Nautical. Nautical inspired, these-ocean ready hues will give Picket just the right amount of color to add personality to your kitchen design.


Tile Colors: Crater Lake and Nautical

Take a cue from the kitchen below by creating a classic blue and white color scheme in your kitchen. Pair a blue Picket backsplash with crisp white cabinetry and walls, and you can even add another layer of pattern with a blue tiled island.

picket tile backsplash - crater lake

Tile: Picket in Crater Lake // Designer: Jamie Nusser // Photo: Lindsey Drewes

In this new traditional kitchen, you'll see the same principles at play, but this time a darker, more saturated blue anchors the kitchen, letting the white window-paned cabinets really stand out beside the decorative tile.

blue picket tile backsplash

Tile: Caribbean Picket // Design: Pheasant Lane Designs // Image: Linda Pordon Photography

5. Dark Tones

Last but not least, we love to see our Picket shape used in deep, moody grays such as Cyclone and Iron Ore. These brooding hues add a sense of drama that is highlighted by the angular features of Picket.


Tile Colors: Cyclone and Iron Ore

Use a moody Gray Picket tile backsplash to create contrast against white walls and cabinets similar to the contemporary kitchen below. The gray and white color palette is complemented by stainless steel accents and dramatic lighting.

picket tile backsplash

Tile: Picket in Akoya // Designer: 328 Design Group // Photo: Chayce Lanphear Photography

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