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Patterned Floor Tiles From 35 Eye-Catching Designs

By Ted Ryan

Patterned Floor Tiles From 35 Eye-Catching Designs

Patterned floor tiles add decorative detail across a space. From subtle neutrals to dazzling colors, these little works of art create a wow factor that’s impossible to miss.

Are patterned floor tiles part of your next install? Check out 35 of our favorite hand-painted floor tile installations to find out.

1. Checkerboard Border

checkerboard pattern porch floor tile

Tile Shown: Chicago Cool Motif, Iron Ore 6x6, Pyrite 6x6, Basalt 1x6, Basalt 3x9 // Design: Jean Stoffer Design // Image: Stoffer Photography Interiors

The checkerboard pattern on the floor of this Greek Revival porch is charming on its own but the hand-painted tiles that border it are what set this design apart from others.

2. Checkers With a Twist

checkerboard patterned bathroom floor tile rendering

Tile Shown: Squiggle Charcoal Motif // Design & Image: Fireclay Tile

Another unique checkerboard pattern, this bathroom features tiles hand painted with a diagonal squiggle. Oriented together, the pattern forms a contrasting checkerboard with a twist.

3. Polka Dot Pop

polk dot patterned bathroom floor tile

Tile Shown: Fallow Cool Motif // Design: Tiffany Thompson, Duett Interiors // Image: Tiffany Thompson, Duett Interiors Marni Mervis

Apart from checkerboards, polka dots are probably the most enduring–and alluring–patterns in popular culture. These simple, semicircle tiles are capable of several patterns, not least this amazing pop-art polka dot.

4. Custom Circles

polka dot shower floor tile

Tile Shown: Fallow Custom Motif // Design: Project M Plus // Image: Bethany Nauert

Surrounded by colored glass and hand-painted in a custom blue glaze, the polka dots on this shower floor are the definition of fun.

5. Diagonal Domes

semicircle tile pattern floor

Tile Shown: Fallow Custom Motif // Design & Image: Elena Lohse

This versatile tile can be patterned as half circles–or quarters–as well, like this bold kitchen floor.

6. Now With Neutrals

half moon patterned floor tile

Tile Shown: Fallow White Motif // Design & Image: Reserve Home

Same tile, similar kitchen, but a neutral colorway gives this pattern a different look and feel.

7. Different Perspectives

white patterned bathroom floor tile

Tile Shown: Sintra White Motif // Design: Chelsea Sachs Design // Image: Meghan Bob Photography

Overlapping circles or interlocking flower petals, there’s more than one way to look at this pattern and myriad ways to include it in an installation.

8. Desert Inspiration

desert shower patterned floor tile

Tile Shown: Jardin Fretwork Custom Motif // Design & Image: Sara Combs & Rich Combs

This shower floor draws on the same pattern but with the color palette of its desert surroundings, with a custom color motif of rusty red and sandstone pink.

9. Sunny Personality

yellow patterned floor tile

Tile Shown: Harvest Custom Motif // Design: Madeline Harper // Image: Sam Ushiro

Another custom color motif, this floor tile matches the personality of the designer and her bright retro design style.

10. Toned Down Taupe

neutral patterned bathroom floor tile

Tile Shown: Harvest White Motif // Design: Oh Joy, Project M Plus // Image: Bethany Nauert

Same pattern, completely different look, this installation shows how a neutral colorway calms down the graphic look of these patterned tiles.

11. Star Attraction

persian star patterned floor tiles

Tile Shown: Persian Star Custom Motif // Design: Fiddlehead Design Group // Image: Scott Amundson

This pattern uses four tiles to complete the full Persian Star for an oversized design that makes for a memorable first impression when you enter this mudroom.

12. Kitchen Definition

black and white star patterned floor tile

Tile Shown: Palmera Custom Motif // Design: Angela Tafoya // Image: Erin Kunkel

Another quadriptych tile pattern best suited for floors or other large areas, this one exchanges bold color for bold contrast with a Mediterranean diamond pattern that lights up this kitchen.

13. Noticeable Neutrals

neutral persian patterned floor tile

Tile Shown: Old Cairo Neutral Motif // Design & Image: Erin Williamson Design

A Persian pattern that would look just at home in the American Southwest, this pattern of zig-zags and diamonds is impressively noticeable, even in the relaxed neutral colorway.

14. Relaxed Retro

grey patterned floor tiles

Tile Shown: Mazagan Neutral Motif, White Wash 3x6 // Design: Kate Lester Interiors // Image: Gray Malin

If you’re after something neutral and retro, this rectangular tile has a 70s attitude with a clean, contemporary finish.

15. Hues of Blue

blue hand painted bathroom floor tile

Tile Shown: Grange Custom Motif // Design: Kate Lester Interiors // Image: Gray Malin

The bathroom floor of this lakeside retreat is like an abstract expression of the sparkling blue water out front.

16. Abstract Greyscale

greyscale patterned kitchen floor

Tile Shown: Grange Custom Motif, Fallow Custom Motif// Design: Taylor & Taylor, Anne Sage // Image: Monica Wang Photography

The same pattern in greyscale and the addition of semi-circle tiles give the design a completely different look.

17. Hint of Nature

black and white patterned bathroom floor tile

Tile Shown: Uni Mountain Black & White Motif // Design: Annette Vartanian // Image: Bethany Nauert

This Japanese-inspired tile is subtle but inspiring with a contrasting black and white pattern of snowcapped mountains that can be interpreted in a number of ways.

18. Delicate Details

white mountain patterned floor tile bathroom

Tile Shown: Summit White Motif // Design & Image: Jess Ann Kirby

What this pattern lacks in color is more than made up for in its intricate detail and a more apparent image of overlapping mountains.

19. Jungalow Energy

jungalow bathroom with green patterned floor tile

Tile Shown: Summit Green Motif // Design: Faith Blakeney // Image: Justina Blakeney

From snowy peaks to lush jungle hills this same pattern has a radically different look featuring a green motif and part of a larger Jungalow design.

20. Foliage Year Round

green leaf patterned floor tile

Tile Shown: Ginkgo Green Motif // Design & Image: Kaity Farrell

Another floor that goes bold with green glaze, this tile is comprised of a graphic pattern of ginkgo leaves fallen to the ground in autumn.

21. A Slice of Summer

dragonfly patterned floor tile

Tile Shown: Dragonflies White Motif

Taking similar inspiration from nature, this graphic pattern features a flurry of dragonflies in an understated neutral motif.

22. Modern Prep

modern square patterned floor tile

Tile Shown: Charleston Yellow Motif // Design: Velic Construction

This pattern takes its cues from the textiles of Southern fashion to dress up this modern kitchen.

23. Color Matched Character

circle patterned floor tiles

Tile Shown: Aerial Custom Motif // Design & Image: Danielle & Ely Franko

We love the way the muted mustard seed color of this custom tile melds with the overall palette of the room while the pattern gives a liveliness to the space.

24. Monochromatic Discs

neutral circle patterned tile floor

Tile Shown: Aerial White Motif // Design: Anne Sage // Image: Echo and Earl

Featured here in a neutral motif to match the room's blush beige palette, the tile takes on a much softer and less defined identity.

25. Moroccan Color

white bathroom with patterned floor tile

Tile Shown: Sintra Custom Motif // Design: Sara Combs + Rich Combs // Image: Margaret Austin Photography, Sara Combs + Rich Combs

In another example, this Moroccan pattern is bold and attention-grabbing with its black, yellow, and red shapes really popping compared to the rest of the white bathroom.

26. Shimmering Whites

white patterned bathroom floor tile

Tile Shown: Sintra Neutral Motif // Design: Becki Owens // Image: Rebekah Westover Photography

But remove the color and the pattern totally transforms from warm and rich to cool and shimmering like a cut diamond.

27. Granny Square Inspo

blue patterned kitchen floor tile

Tile Shown: Kasbah Trellis Custom Motif // Design & Image: Darling, Magazine

Glazed with blue and black, this kitchen floor looks as cozy as a granny square quilt.

28. Clean Lines

moroccan patterned floor tile

Tile Shown: Kasbah Trellis Neutral Motif // Design: Patti Wagner // Image: Meg Cooper Photography

Remove the color and this white motif looks like a completely different pattern as your eyes focus on the black outlines instead of the shapes of complementary colors.

29. Heirloom Looks

green moroccan patterned floor tiles

Tile Shown: Elephant Star Cool Motif // Design: Brooke Eversoll // Image: Rickie Agapito

Another quilt-like pattern, this design of stars and intersecting lines looks especially inviting in the vintage-inspired muted greens and blue.

30. Room Flow

block shop patterned floor tile

Tile Shown: Roundabout Fresco Motif, Jade 4x4, Oyster Shell 4x4 // Design & Image: Fireclay Tile

This open-concept bathroom is all about flow so it’s a perfect design touch to carry the pattern of lines coursing through the accent wall of this shower down across the floor as well.

31. Powder Room Punctuation

powder room patterned floor tile

Tile Shown: Starburst Dark Motif // Design & Image: John Colaneri

A small bathroom can make a big impression with only a small amount of patterned tile as this half bath explains. However, floor tiles with this much effect can overwhelm a space and make it appear smaller.

32. Optically Alluring

blue starburst patterned floor tile

Tile Shown: Starburst Custom Motif // Design: In Honor of Design // Image: Rustic White Photography

On the other hand, in a larger bathroom, the pattern is set free to really pop with its optic effects.

33. Maximalist Stars

star patterned bathroom floor tile

Tile Shown: Vitoria Custom Motif, Daisy Star & Cross // Design: Ali Hynek // Image: Becky Kimball

Maximalist designers will love the way that repeating patterns fill a room with shapes, color, and emotion. Why stop at an accent wall when you can have an accent floor as well?

34. Add a Rug

patterned floor tile rug

Tile Shown: Murietta Black & White Motif, Mist 3" Hexagon // Design: Nina Jizhar // Image: Lauren Edith Andersen

If you feel like a full floor of patterned tile is too busy for your tastes, you may want to consider a tile rug. This bathroom features a classic hexagon tile floor but is decorated with a small rectangle of hand-painted tile.

35. Bathtub Border

Tile Shown: Shetland Wool 4x4, Ivory 6x6, Tusk 3x6, Ivory 2x2, Seville in Neutral Motif // Design: K.Squared Design // Image: Sierra Ann Photography

Even subtler, this bathroom features a tile rug that is only bordered by a decorative classic cuerda seca pattern.

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