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Pattern Play: Tile Squared

Pattern Play: Tile Squared
square tile patterns

Timeless and classic, square field tile will add balance and symmetry to any space and any style. With a wide range of square sizes to choose from, there are endless possibilities for design. Whether you go for a traditional offset look, or lean toward a grid-inspired straight set arrangement, a square pattern will add both visual interest and classic simplicity to your design.

This light and bright kitchen adds a serene backsplash design with our custom 6 x 6 Tile size in Blue Spruce. The square tile size adds a contemporary feel to the space, while the offset layout prevents the look from going too modern for the space. The square tile size offers the perfect canvas for Blue Spruce, which features a high level of variation from tile to tile. The color and shape offer the mainly white and gray kitchen another layer of texture and visual interest.

ligt blue spruce kitchen backsplash tile

Image: Scott Davis Photography; Design: White + Gold Design

The tropical inspired bathroom below features clean-cut design elements and a square 6 x 6 tile in a streamlined, straight set layout. The grid like tile design paired with a cool, contemporary gray grout line hints at a modern design aesthetic, while the lush tropical green hue adds a playful tone.

For a more traditional look, opt for a white square tile with a matching white grout line. Add interest to the classic white tile by breaking up two different square layouts with a Handpainted border element, similar to the bathroom below.

With simple, geometric layouts, square tiles are the ideal blueprint for color, allowing you to try out that bold hue you've always wanted. The bathroom below lines the shower walls and floor with vibrant yellow 4 x 4 tiles in a variety of layouts. They break up the bold hue with a Handpainted border accents, and smaller 2 x 2 square accent tiles in a contrasting blue hue.

4x4 handpainted yellow bathroom tile niche square trim

Image: Malcolm Fearon

When designing with squares try experimenting with size and scale. The symmetrical nature of square tile allows you to combine a variety of sizes in a way that is pleasing to the eye. The bathroom below lines the shower floor with a 2 x 2 size, and a 4 x 4 shower wall tile, while the floor outside of the shower creates a unique pattern using both sizes.

green and white bathroom shower tile

Image: Malcolm Fearon, Bliss Images

Square tiles are often found in outdoor tile design. The geometric shapes offers your natural space a sense of balance that is calming to the senses. Experiment with bright colors and interesting layouts when creating an outdoor tile focal point similar to the fountain below.

blue and white handpainted outdoor fountain tile

Image: Malcolm Fearon, Bliss Images

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