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Paseo: A Curvy New Classic

Paseo: A Curvy New Classic

Our Paseo shape shown in Mint Satin

Ever wonder how our Paseo shape came to be?  Defined as a "leisurely walk or stroll" our Paseo shape was designed to be a contemporary twist on a Moroccan favorite.  With a curvaceous lantern-inspired silhouette, our Paseo shape has an organic feel, perfect for both contemporary and traditional designs, and with Moroccan roots, this casual cool shape is sure to add a touch of exotic flair to any space.

Versatility is key when it comes to Paseo.  Its clean, organic lines make the shape a perfect fit for any contemporary or industrial setting, but the softness of those same lines make Paseo a viable option for more traditional spaces as well.  No matter what your design aesthetic, Paseo will add a little something extra, making your design stand out from the rest.  This industrial chic kitchen takes advantage of the curvaceous pattern in our White Gloss glaze and a matching white grout.  The simplistic pattern and the white glaze makes a subtle statement without overpowering the overall design, and the clean, organic lines complement the contemporary yet natural aesthetic of the space.

Kitchen installation featuring our Paseo shape in White Gloss

Love contemporary design, but looking for a little more warmth?  Paseo to the rescue!  The organic, curvy lines of this shape parallel those found in nature, making it work well in spaces that imitate an outdoor environment– think Earthy hues and natural materials.  Inspired by the lush outdoor landscape found in this San Antonio Kitchen, the designer chose to use Paseo in our Earthy green shade, Spruce.  Paired with wooden cabinetry, this natural combination successfully brings the warmth of nature from the outdoors in.

A kitchen installation featuring our Paseo shape in Spruce

 Paseo is a naturally simple shape inspired by classic Moroccan designs and the organic curves of nature.  There are endless looks that can be accomplished with this versatile shape, now it's up to you to choose your favorite.

Need help figuring out how to incorporate our Paseo shape into your space?  Our Design Consultants would love to give you some advice!  Go ahead and fill out our form and your design maven will get back to your within 48 hours.