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Color Spotlights

Ozark: A Brick Color Story

By Shannon Malone

Ozark: A Brick Color Story

Glazed Brick is one of our most versatile products. It can be rustic or it can be modern, depending on how it is used. When you add color to the mix, the design possibilities are endless. Inspired by the fresh green hues of the season, we're currently loving one of our freshest green Brick hues, Ozark. Ozark features a minty finish that lightly glazes over our rustic Brick surface. Below are some ideas and inspiration for using this spring green hue in your next tile project.

Glazed Thin Brick in Ozark

Brick color shown: Ozark

Ozark is one of those colors you don't need a lot of for big impact. Try using dashes of the light green brick color in mainly neutral interiors. The kitchen below uses a similar green with a classic Brick burnt red, a white counter, and dark furniture and lighting.

Ozark is a great brick color to use in outdoor applications. Mimicking the greenery of the outdoor surroundings, Ozark highlights exterior features, and eases the transition from nature to architecture.

You might also try a blend of greens:

Brick Shown (top to bottom): San Gabriel, Ozark, Green Mountains and Cascade

Ozark can go contemporary as well. For a chic bathroom design, line your bathroom walls with Ozark. To keep in contemporary go from the floor to the ceiling. Keep the Keep it light and bright by pairing Ozark Brick with white walls and natural decor similar to the dining room below. The space features an eclectic mix of styles, and the green Brick fireplace ties it all together with a small pop of green.

Durable and textured, Brick is perfect for flooring applications. If you're looking to add some color to your space but your walls are spoken for, try bringing the color underfoot with a Ozark floor tile installation. Keep the rest of your space neutral with subtle pops of colors with decor accents such as books and plants.

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