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Straight Set: Get Organized with Pattern

Straight Set: Get Organized with Pattern

Bathroom installation featuring our 4x4 tile in Cancun Green in a straight set layout

With spring cleaning and organization in cue, we have been coveting all things orderly lately.  Our favorite orderly tile trend being a Straight Set or Vertical Straight Set arrangement.  Clean and classic, our stacked patterns offer a sense of structure and organization to your space, so if you're looking to de-clutter, these orderly layouts might be the solution you've been searching for.  Whether you decide on a classic square or an elongated rectangle, a straight set arrangement is sure inspire organization all year round.   

The simplicity of an orderly and structured straight set layout presents the perfect opportunity to highlight color and other features of your design.  We love how this streamlined and sophisticated kitchen installation uses our 2x8 tile in a stacked straight set layout to highlight the dramatic contrast between our moody glaze, Cyclone and the highly textured wood countertops.

Kitchen installation featuring our 2x8 tile in Cyclone in a straight set layout

Are you looking to make a room feel more spacious?  Try a vertical straight set tile arrangement.  By placing an elongated rectangle such as our 2x8 field tile in a vertical position, the orientation of your space will be directed upwards, creating a sense height and energy.  This orderly arrangement works wonders in bathrooms where there is inherently a lack of space.

This clean and airy bathroom installation adds height to open up their confined space by installing our 2x8 tile in a vertical straight set layout.  We also love how the showerpan tile is in an orderly straight set arrangement with a variety of hues.  This play on color adds a sense of whimsy to an otherwise structured space.

Bathroom installation featuring our 2x8 tile in Moonstone in a vertical straight set layout

Need advice on getting organized with tile?  Our Design Consultants are here to help!  Simply fill out our Design Assistance Form and one of our talented design consultants will get back to you within 24 hours.