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On Point: 4 of our Favorite Geometric Shapes

By Kali

On Point: 4 of our Favorite Geometric Shapes

Of course we love tile of all shapes and sizes, but today, we're going to focus on four in particular. It's shaping up to be a very geometric themed year in tile and these four crystalline shapes (Kite, Picket, Small Diamond and Large Diamond) are perfectly at home in nearly any space and will be on point for years to come. We're sharing design inspiration below, but if you're wanting more geometric tile ideas, head to our Pinterest Board.

This playful shape can be just the exclamation point a space needs. This larger specialty field shape can make in impact on kitchen backsplashes and bathroom floors alike.

Tile Shown: Kites in White Wash.

This geometric shape makes for beautiful floor tile. Much like a classic hexagon, the grout lines that the Kite creates makes for a slip resistant surface. Choose this shape in one of our matte glazes if you want to be extra foot friendly.

Tile Shown: Kites in Aegean Sea.

We also like the idea of orienting Kites at an angle, like we've shown below:

Tile Shown: Kites in Gypsum, Oyster Shell and Pyrite.

Inspired by the hexagon, our Picket is a Fireclay Tile favorite. Picket tiles can be treated much like Subway tile and looks great set vertically or horizontally, but its unique shape gives it added flare. We're all big fans of installing this shape in a braided pattern, as seen below:

Tile Shown: Pickets in Foggy Morning.

Here are Picket tiles in a braided pattern on a kitchen backplash:

Tile Shown: Pickets in Sea Glass.

The length of this shape is a great way to give height to a space when set vertically, as seen in the installation below:

Tile Shown: Pickets in Pyrite.

Small Diamond:
We added the Small Diamond to our offering earlier this year and it has quickly become an employee and customer favorite. These small tiles pack a punch and can add serious wow factor to your kitchen backsplash, tiled accent walls or floors.

You can really accent the Escher pattern by either installing with a contrasting grout color, or going for a blend of colors, like we've shown below:

Tile Shown: Small Diamonds in Martinique and St. Alban's Blue.

A bright white grout with a colorful tile makes this shape shine:

Tile Shown: Small Diamonds in Lagoon.

If you still want the geometric effect, but a bit more subtle, go for a neutral with a similar grout color like the kitchen backsplash below:

Tile Shown: Small Diamonds in Ultra Cream. Design: Jennifer Milliken Design

Elongated Diamond:
Elongated Diamond is discontinued, for a similar design, try Large Diamond)

If you love our Small Diamond, but are looking for something a bit larger, the Elongated Diamond could be perfect for your project.

Tile Shown: Elongated Diamonds in White Wash.

You don't have to limit yourself to one color with this shape. We love the pops of color in the installation below:

Tile Shown: Elongated Diamonds in Akoya, Basalt, Azul and White Wash.

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