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Nordic Kitchen Style

Nordic Kitchen Style


Image: Macarena Gea

The influence of Nordic kitchens seems to be everywhere these days. The classic elements of a well designed Scandinavian kitchen are good design, beauty edited to its purest form, coupled with a dedication to the use of local materials. These light infused kitchens celebrate simplicity, minimalism, and functionality while radiating warmth, and a distinct sense of coziness–In Denmark they have a word for it,'hygge', the Scandinavian version of feng shui.


Image: Bo Bedre

Tile manufacturing is a long tradition in the Nordic countries, clay deposits are plentiful. Although white is a prevalant theme in any Scandinavian kitchen, it is not exclusive by any means. Lately, this style has been embracing the palest pastels.  These dreamy colors are soothing, calming, and are a natural choice for any room where the family gathers and spends most of their time together, eating, drinking, and telling tall tales. In lands where winter means only a few precious hours of daylight these light, bright, surrounds remind everyone of the midnight sun they cherish during summer months.


Image: HallingstadTile colors shown: Tender Grey, Moonshine, Oyster Shell, Sea Glass, and White Gloss

Keeping all the tones muted in the Swedish kitchen below allows the family to blend subway tile and this gorgeous patterned floor without discord. This kitchen is bright and light but certainly not all white! To get the look check out our Handpainted Collections in Neutral or White Motifs, we suggest our Tarragona pattern in the Neutral Motif.


Image: Style Files


Handpainted pattern shown: Tarragona

Square shaped tiles are elevated to ultra chic in these well designed kitchens where effortless style is commonplace. Fireclay offers the classic square in many sizes, from 2x2 to 12x12.


Image: The Style Files; Tile color shown: Caribbean

Bright, colorful, and eclectic decorative tile bring a contemporary style to this charming space.  Nordic kitchens are simple, clean, and light, but manage to convey a truly personal statement.


Image: Bo Bedre

Need some help creating your own Nordic-Inspired kitchen?  Simply fill out our Design Assistance Form and one of our talented Design Consultants will get back to you shortly.